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Human Touch is the foundation for our brand. This means acting and communicating in a human way, through the way we look and in how we express ourselves – and it forms the basis of the way we behave, and how we treat our clients. In essence, the Ramboll brand. 

Seriously engaging

The impression we make through our communication has a direct impact on the Ramboll brand –and affects our reputation, trustworthiness and success. 

We call our way of communicating seriously engaging. 

This is a way of combining our brand essence with a high level of professionalism, insight and expertise. Our ambition is for our audience and clients to find us helpful, thought-provoking and intriguing through our story-telling. 

Testament to the strength of the Ramboll brand is the fact that we have worked with each of our top ten clients for an average of fifty years. And we are consistentently rated as one of the top places to work. 

The Logo 

Our current logo originates from 1995, and has been adjusted several times since then. However the basic principles from back then are still valid today: 

The transparent letters in our logo reflect openness and transparency in the way we do business. 

And the Ø-figure represents the accuracy required in our engineering solutions – in effect, hitting the bull’s eye. 

During the latest brand update in 2008, the logo became a brighter blue colour (cyan), the letters were changed to Gotham Rounded and the corners of the logo were rounded - all referring back to the human touch. 

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To read more in-depth information about our Brand Guidelines, please visit our online Brand Manual.

Brand Manual


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Company registration

Company registration

Ramboll UK Limited. Registered in England & Wales. Company registration no. 03659970. Registered office: 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW

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