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Ramboll in the UK

Ramboll is a leading engineering consultancy firm with operations primarily in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the UK, US and in Asia. We employ a total of 16,500 employees and had a total turnover of DKK 14.2bn in 2021. 

Ramboll UK Limited employs 1,300 employees located in 16 offices around the UK. 

Ramboll UK tax strategy

This section sets out the tax objectives for Ramboll UK. The tax strategy includes; Corporation Tax, employment related taxes (including PAYE and NI) and other indirect taxes including VAT. 

Ramboll UK is a part of the Ramboll Group of companies. Ramboll UK aligns its approach to the group policy and approach to tax management. 

Ramboll UK is committed to acting with integrity and transparency and complies with all UK related taxation requirements, laws and regulations. We are committed to provide clear and open tax related information to all interested parties. 

Tax planning

Ramboll UK takes a conservative approach to tax planning. We seek to be efficient in our tax affairs but ensure that any planning is based on sound commercial principles. 

It is Ramboll’s global tax policy not to engage in any form of aggressive tax planning, tax avoidance schemes or offshore tax structures to artificially reduce the amount of tax Ramboll pays, neither in the UK nor elsewhere. Ramboll sees taxes as positive consequences of commercial transactions and no transaction is initiated for tax reasons. 

Where there is uncertainty on the interpretation of tax rules, Ramboll abstains from adopting any form of extreme positions to its own benefit. In cases where Ramboll UK feels there is insufficient expert knowledge within the business, external advice may be sought to ensure a clear understanding of tax requirements is reached. 

Tax risk and governance

The business regularly reviews tax risks. Controls are overseen by the respective company boards.

The Boards of Directors acknowledge their responsibility to ensure that Ramboll complies with the tax laws in all its jurisdictions. The Boards of Directors are responsible for establishing the overall governance and annually approving the tax strategy. However, management authority for the operations are delegated to the companies’ finance directors. 

The operating model is straightforward and is not subject to significant level of judgment in the application of tax law.  

Tax compliance 

Ramboll UK collects and pays substantial amounts of employee taxes (PAYE), national insurance contributions and value added taxes. Ramboll UK runs robust processes and controls to ensure that its books and records form a valid and complete basis for the correct reporting, collection and payments of taxes in the UK. 

Corporate income tax-returns are prepared and filed in the UK in close co-operation with Ramboll’s external tax advisors in the UK.

Approach to dealings with tax authorities

Ramboll UK is committed to the principle of openness and transparency in its communications with HMRC and is committed to:

  • Making accurate, fair and timely disclosures in respect to returns and responses to queries.
  • Ensuring all queries are responded to in a timely, open and professional manner.
  • Acting in accordance with tax legislation and ensuring the legal requirements are interpreted in a reasonable and fair way. 

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Company registration

Company registration

Ramboll UK Limited. Registered in England & Wales. Company registration no. 03659970. Registered office: 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW

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