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Decarbonisation briefing

Click below for an interactive briefing document that provides details of Ramboll's sustainable solutions to industry in support of the transition to net zero

The global drive towards a low-carbon future brings challenges as well as opportunities. It is vital that energy-intensive industries decarbonise while remaining competitive during the transition. And it’s vital that the benefits and savings are visible early in the process.

The decarbonisation of industry will transform the way we produce our goods, minimising resource and energy use, environmental impact and waste, all while ensuring resilient and competitive operations run by a committed workforce.

Our services

There are many technical options available to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency while remaining competitive. The key is to identify the right ones for your business over a timeframe that works for you.

We will help you identify the barriers and enablers for your specific scenario. In order to remain profitable in a competitive world, every company will need a kaleidoscopic solution.

Toolbox of solutions

Sites and buildings
Decarbonisation and sustainability strategy
Operational efficiency
Energy generation
Management and compliance

Lifecycle animation of an industrial site transitioning to net zero

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Further news and information

Discussing the transition to net-zero carbon in the food and drink sector

Ramboll hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) to examine ways in which businesses working in the sector can best address the challenges and opportunities presented by the emerging decarbonisation agenda.

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Discussing the implications of the revised Food, Drink and Milk industry BREF

Ramboll hosted a webinar with the FDF, summarising the revised best available techniques (BAT) for permitted food and drink manufacturing facilities and discussing how these changes will be reflected in the regulation of the Food, Drink and Milk sector.

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Protecting against an ever-changing climate

As the impact of climate change becomes increasingly evident, so does the importance of increasing our resilience. Ramboll offers a range of services designed to build our clients’ resilience to climate change and develop robust adaptation solutions.

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