Water resources management

Ramboll has extensive experience in water resource management. We have an impressive portfolio of projects for national and international organisations, governmental institutions, municipalities and water supply companies. Our work provides clients with stellar solutions to manager their water resources sustainably, now and into the future.

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Strategic assessment, planning, hydrology and catchment management

Water pays no heed to administrative boundaries and clients often require us to consider areas beyond a specific site or location. We provide strategic-scale assessment of surface water and foul water flows as well as masterplanning services to help clients make informed decisions. Solutions are increasingly required to include multiple benefits such as water treatment and recycling, habitat creation and biodiversity and amenity benefits. In the face of a changing climate and increased environmental regulation we offer change and demand management services including water stress, scarcity and climate change impact assessments.

An integrated approach to water management

The key challenges of contemporary water management can only be understood within the very broad context of the world’s socio economic systems. Assessment of the resource is the basis for rational decision-making, and authorities that use such assessments must be further supported and expanded from local to international levels. Ramboll's integrated approach to water resources ensures that the management, development and utilisation of water resources satisfies socioeconomic, environmental, sustainability and multi-sectoral water demands.

Ensuring safe drinking water

Managing water resources to ensure satisfying drinking water quality is a global concern and a priority for sustainable development. Surface water is used as the primary drinking water resource in most countries. Ramboll has supported many utilities and authorities manage surface water and river catchment areas to ensure a sustainable future drinking water resource and provided the overview of the available resource.

Climate change and water quality

Climate change is likely to increase the frequency and severity of both droughts and floods, impacting the quantity and quality of groundwater and surface water resources. The combination of droughts and over-extraction can cause lowering of groundwater table, with eventually potential water scarcity. We conduct surface water, estuarine, coastal and groundwater quality assessments including Water Framework Directive assessments and industrial discharge applications.

The EU Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive defines European ambitions for the protection of water resources. It aims to promote sustainable water consumption, reduce water pollution and to ensure the progressive reduction of groundwater pollution. The Directive takes a holistic approach to these topics, requiring public stakeholder involvement and socio economic studies to be part of the planning and implementation process. Ramboll’s integrated expertise in water resources, river basin management, shareholder involvement and water economics enables us to assist clients with new challenges posed by the Water Framework Directive.

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Innovative approach to mine water decontamination

Ramboll developed an innovative, sustainable and economically beneficial approach to addressing the impact of metal contamination on river sediments in the River Nent in Cumbria.

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