Water & Wastewater Networks

Rehabilitation of existing sewage pipelines and establishing new ones, storm water drains, rainwater storage tanks, open rainwater basins and water distribution networks – all have an increasing focus around the world.

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Kai Vakkila

Director, water
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Turid P. Ødegaard

Country Market Director, Water in Norway
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Maintenance and upgrading of urban water infrastructure often counts for up to 80% of the total capital investments for utility companies, so proper planning and cost-efficient execution are important measures for obtaining high efficiency in the utility company.

Ramboll has extensive expertise within technical assistance related to water and wastewater infrastructure:

  • Sewage networks
  • Tunnelling sewers
  • Rainwater basins
  • Drinking water networks
  • Discharge systems and marine outfall
  • Climate adaptation and stormwater handling
  • Flood protection
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)

Services within water and wastewater infrastructure

Our consulting services within water and wastewater infrastructure cover the entire range from:

  • Urban water landscape
  • Water supply planning
  • Wastewater management and strategic planning
  • Asset management
  • CCTV sewer inspection reviews and renewal planning
  • 1D and 2D network modelling, e.g. Mike Urban, Mike 11, Mike 21, EPANET and Aquis
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Tendering, FIDIC contracting
  • Construction supervision

A broad range of clients from utility companies to international finance institutions have engaged Ramboll in water and wastewater infrastructure assignments all over the world.


Old or inadequate sewers are of major environmental concern in most parts of the world. Ramboll has a strong expertise in leading technical assistance projects related to water and wastewater infrastructure rehabilitation and design.

Climate adaptation and stormwater handling

Rainfalls of unusual intensity are occurring more and more frequently around the world, and are likely to continue to increase in frequency. As the effects of climate change become apparent, climate adaptation work is being taken more seriously.

At Ramboll, we help our customers quantify the financial consequences of climate change and find new solutions in response. We use dedicated computer modelling software for modelling ground flooding to give our customers an overview of the consequences of heavy rain in the coming years.

Discharge systems and marine outfall

Many sewage systems are outdated and in need of significant investment to modernise and improve their efficiency. Through detailed planning, it will be possible to optimise such investment. We provide our customers with a comprehensive overview of their sewage system and help them plan future cost-effective renovation projects. Because of our many years of experience in the design of pipelines, river and sea outfalls, basins, canals, drains, pumping stations and overflows, we can guarantee our customers will gain access to a high degree of professionalism and expertise.

Drinking water networks

The planned operation and systematic maintenance of wastewater facilities can prevent most problems from occurring and provides our customers with the confidence to commit extra resources only where necessary.

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Lynetten waste water treatment plant, outside Copenhagen, Denmark

Intelligent Waste Water Handling in Copenhagen

Ramboll develops a model for intelligent waste water handling, which enables cleansing of a larger amount of waste water as well as cost savings for the waste water sector.

Päijänne Water Tunnel

Refurbishment of Päijänne Water Tunnel

Supervision of the refurbishment of the worlds’ longest rock tunnel that carries water to the capital of Finland. Finland’s Päijänne Water Tunnel (constructed in 1972) is the world’s longest continuous rock tunnel and provides Helsinki and surrounding cities with pure water from Lake Päijänne in central Finland.


Sustainable urban draining system

The growth in the frequency and severity of extreme rainfall has significantly increased the risk of flooding from rivers and urban drainage systems of insufficient capacity. It is a huge investment to dig into the earth and expand the sewer systems in urban areas, so other measures may prove to be better and cheaper alternatives.

Carlsberg Byen

Carlsberg City

Site 8 is the first major building of the Carlsberg city development complex in central Copenhagen. The complex is more than 100, 000 sq m and combines the teaching facilities of the UCC university with retail, office and residential uses. The area will be active 24/7 and will engage with in excess of 10,000 students per day creating a vibrant and active study environment.

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