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Ramboll serves the lifecycle of road and highway schemes, whether new strategic highway routes, extensive road widening schemes, minor improvements works or large asset management programmes. Our road engineering and consultancy expertise spans strategic planning, route design and feasibility studies, through to early concept and detailed design, and site supervision.

A477 St Clears to Red Roses road improvement scheme. Ramboll


Jon Harding

Jon Harding

UK Head of Highways
M: +44 7540 701 494
Andrew Ogden. Ramboll

Andrew Ogden

Highways Market Director
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Steve Chewins

Steve Chewins

Highways Operations Director
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Ramboll. Andy Bell.

Andy Bell

Highways Director
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Design, construction and upgrading of roads

With decades of experience in the design, construction, management and upgrading of roads, highways and motorways, Ramboll brings in-depth understanding of modern-day infrastructure projects. We appreciate how a road network fits into the broader infrastructure landscape, as well as the impacts on economic, environmental and social prosperity.

Our experience includes projects such as the extensive widening works on the M25 and M1, improvement works on A477 and A380, the provision of strategic sustainability advice to Highways England and the design of 95% of all gantries in the UK.

Road, highway and motorway services

We draw upon considerable expertise to provide a fully integrated service across all aspects of a road project.

  • Strategy and planning to asset management
  • Environmental management
  • Bridge, civil, ground, road, structural and traffic engineering
  • Transport planning, gantries and communications
  • Road landscaping and lighting design

Health and safety, sustainability and joined-up thinking

Health, safety and sustainability are critical issues that form a natural part of our design process. They are considered from all angles, spanning build-ability, usability and maintainability. We measure success by how well not only our clients are served, but also road users, residents, communities and wider society. We deliver solutions that bring commercial advantage and safe, sustainable outcomes.

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Roads Brochure 2016

Ramboll brings decades of experience in the design, construction, management and upgrading of roads, highways and motorways.

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Road & motorway projects

Ramboll gantry 3D model generated with an innovative design engineering process

Gantry product design for smart motorways

Innovation in digital gantry design has been pivotal in the development of Highways England’s Smart Motorway Programme (SMP). Ramboll provided the step change needed to deliver the quantity and quality required through automating the design process.

Aller Tunnel, A380 road scheme in Devon UK, designed by Ramboll. Photo: Devon County Council

A380 South Devon Highway

The South Devon Link Road Project was one of the biggest construction projects and one of the most complex highways schemes in the South West. Involving many partners and engineering challenges, the project has received awards for considerate practices that show respect to the community and the environment.

M25 extensive works by Ramboll. Photo: Daniel Shearing

Extensive work around the M25 motorway

Ramboll has worked extensively on the M25, including widening of several sections including the J12-15 and T5 spur and J27-30, and was lead engineer for the landmark Cobham Motorway Service Area between J9 and J10.

Hammersmith Flyover strenghtening system April 2016. Ramboll

Hammersmith Flyover - Phase 2 refurbishment and strengthening (HFO2)

Phase 2 strengthening of the Hammersmith Flyover (HFO2), was a phenomenally complex £100m programme including innovative engineering solutions to install a full new prestress without removing the original. With 70,000 users every day on a key strategic route into London, the structure, which had been deteriorating due to significant corrosion, presented many technical, logistical, programme and political challenges.

Artist's impression of  ‘A23/A232 Fiveways Croydon’ scheme in South London. Waddon Station Bridge. (C) Transport for London

A23/A232 Fiveways Croydon - Stage 3 - Concept Design

The ‘Fiveways’ scheme in Croydon aims to tackle congestion at the A23/A232 junction and surrounding network, improving it for all road users. It includes the Purley Way interchange, Fiveways Corner junction, and Waddon Station Bridge, and is important for the borough’s economic growth.

Path to the white cliffs on the coast of Dover, UK. (c) Global_Pics

National Highways sustainability advice

Ramboll has been working with National Highways (formerly Highways England) since 2006 on sustainability and environmental performance improvement. Tasks have addressed carbon, climate change, sustainability reporting, noise, air quality, water quality, flooding, biodiversity and heritage.

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