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Efficient transport systems are absolutely essential in societies with steadily growing populations in and around large cities - and travel times for rail must be competitive compared to air traffic. In addition, the demand for sustainable transport solutions is growing and drives the search for attractive alternatives that will make us less dependent on fossil fuels.

Ramboll is involved in the expansion and modernisation of the main lines in The Nordic countries and in the UK. We have substantial experience with and competencies in the implementation of such projects and are familiar with international standards and norms. The projects are often complex and involve many different technical disciplines, and Ramboll can provide this multidisciplinary expertise with extensive experience in assembling and working in international project teams.

Our competencies within intercity and high-speed railways include:

  • Initial analysis and proposals regarding upgrades and new railways
  • Proposals regarding operation concepts and timetable structures
  • Preparation of traffic forecasts 
  • Analysis of capacity conditions in upgrades and new facilities
  • Preparation of facility estimates following the guidelines for “New facility budgeting”
  • Socioeconomic analysis
  • Planning and project design of all technical rail facilities – tracks, signalling, electrification etc. 
  • Planning and project design of earthwork, bridges, tunnels etc. 
  • Planning and project design of stations and terminals 
  • Assistance in relation to authority approvals
  • Tender and contract strategies
  • Project management and construction management including inspection

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Making railway history in Sweden

Ramboll, together with Atkins, has been commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration - Trafikverket to plan the route for the first phase of Ostlänken the new high-speed network on Stockholm-Gothenburg and Stockholm-Malmö routes. Read article here


Map of the East Midlands to Leeds and York section of the High Speed line, Phase 2b

High Speed 2 Phase 2

Ramboll is working on a major High Speed rail (HS2) Phase 2 contract as part of the Arup+ team. The team includes ERM, Foster + Partners, Jacobs, Ramboll, TYPSA and Costain.

The new Moss station will be surrounded by a lively urban scene

Large rail project alleviates Norway's urban pressure

Passing through and under the city of Moss, the coming Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad rail link south of Oslo calls for complex rail engineering skills. The project involves the design of double-track rail tunnels in hilly terrain and a modern rail station in the bustling city of Moss.

The Vejle Fjord link can shorten the travel time between Odense and Aarhus by up to 12 minutes

Vejle Fjord - new shortcut secures faster travel time

The planning of the rail projects to realise the Danish Hour Model is in full swing. At Vejle Fjord in Denmark, studies are to ensure shorter travel times on the rail section between Odense and Aarhus.

As part of the Fehmarn Belt project the Danish hinterland railway lines will be upgraded to two tracks on the entire line. Photo credit: Banedanmark Transport

Upgrading of the Ringsted-Fehmarn Railway Line

As part of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel project, the 110 km railway line between Ringsted and the Fehmarn-link in Rødby will undergo a comprehensive upgrade. The project includes raising the speed limit to 200 km/h and expansion from single to double track between Vordingborg and Rødby. Existing railway stations will be rebuilt and a new station will be built in Holeby. All of this in order to ensure a quick and efficient transportation of cargo and passengers to Germany.

Holmestrand station, Norway

Intercity Sørli-Hamar-Lillehammer

In order to improve the connection between Sørli and Lillehammer in Norway, Ramboll is planning a new 70-kilometre double track railway line.

Sandbukta Moss Sastad

Inter City Railway Moss

Shorter travel distance to the capital.

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