Coastal erosion & storm surge protection

The coast is a naturally dynamic environment due to its constant exposure to the forces of nature. However, we cannot always afford to let nature have its way. Combined with climate change, the excessive utilization of the coastal zone puts our coasts under enormous pressure. Therefore, the challenge lies in gaining a deep understanding of both the detailed processes as well as the larger context.

With climate change, coastal protection becomes increasingly important. One solution is to establish breakwaters along the coastline.


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Cross-disciplinary coastal and marine solutions

With our extensive knowledge of coastal dynamics, climate change and marine structures, Ramboll's coastal experts strive to deliver solutions that not only satisfy our clients, but also benefit society and nature in general. We endeavour to provide cross-disciplinary solutions, because we believe that these bring the highest value to society. 

Holistic approach to flood risk management and coastal protection

The recent years have seen an increase in the number of storm floods, which cause heavy damage to property - both for single citizens and for the private and public sector. Ramboll has wide-ranging experience with storm flood projects, which show that cross-disciplinary solutions are of great value in decision-making processes and ensure a holistic approach to the challenges of coastal zones. 

Ramboll offers a wide range of services within the field of coastal protection, and our solutions are always based on the natural, technical and societal conditions in the area. Depending on the project needs, our team of experts cover the areas of coastal dynamics, financial and risk assessments, urban- and landscape planning, and environment, in order to ensure solutions of the highest quality.  

Expert knowledge

Coastal Protection projects comprise challenges with erosion problems and flooding. Our services include:

Studies and analysis

  • Erosion studies
  • Statistical analysis
  • Flood risk analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis

Design and modelling

  • Concept design
  • Detailed design
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Sediment modelling

Supervision and permits

  • Site supervision and inspections
  • Permits and authority handling

Related services

Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk Management

The present situation requires adaptation to the inevitable impacts of climate change. Both mitigation of and adaption to climate change call for a holistic, cross-boundary and cross discipline approach.

Read more about our services within Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk Management here.

Related projects

Water levels from storm surges marked on a pillar in a Danish coastal city

Climate Adaptation to Sea Level Rise

Ramboll has identified and assessed risks and challenges facing Denmark’s coastal region from sea level rise, to provide climate adaptation solutions.

Artificial surfing reef at Hvide Sande, Denmark

Hvide Sande – Artificial Surf Reef

Ramboll has designed an artificial reef in Hvide Sande which will both improve the conditions for surfing and serve as coastal protection.

Lilla Bommens Habour in central Gothenburg with the iconic building, the Lipstick, in the background

Hydro model for Gothenburg

Gothenburg has launched an ambitious project to map the flood risk in and around the city. Ramboll assisted with the advanced setup of hydraulic models.

Washington DC

Flood-risk management and coastal protection at Buzzard Point, Washington DC

Ramboll has been assisting the Department of Energy and Environment in assessing the effect of flooding from the large Potomac River, that flows though the city centre, in terms of rising sea level and storm surges, as well as extreme rainfall.

Concept Design For Coastal Flooding Adaptation at Burrabogie Island

Concept Design For Coastal Flooding Adaptation at Burrabogie Island

Burrabogie Island contains areas of residential development, industrial land use, open space and important boating facilities.

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