Major crossings, bridges & tunnels

Ramboll has extensive international experience with all types of bridges and tunnels – including some of the world’s longest and most technically challenging.
Fehmarnbelt fixed link project, Denmark-Germany

The world's longest underwater road and rail tunnel.

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will provide a shorter and faster conncection between Scandinavia and Central Europe. Ramboll is client’s consultant for the project, which is a study in innovative thinking as it challenges existing tunnel building standards.

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Special elements will make the Fehmarn tunnel safer and easier to maintain, with no disruption to traffic

We cracked it!

A tunnel with an extra storey every 1.8 km? Why? Because these special elements will make the Fehmarn tunnel safer and easier to maintain, with no disruption to traffic.

Awards for Hammersmith Flyover Phase 2 strengthening works. Ramboll

Hammersmith Flyover receives further industry accolades for its ingenuity

3 May 2016

Hammersmith Flyover receives recognition for ingenuity.

Mersey Gateway stretching across the estuary - looking south. Image - Merseylink

New Mersey Gateway Bridge opens in the UK

16 October 2017

Opened on time and under budget, the bridge forms part of a major project that improves journey times and reliability for millions of people in the region.

Train station deep inside a mountain

1 December 2016

Hundreds had gathered to welcome the first train arriving on the new Holmestrand station, located deep inside a Norwegian mountain.

Oil & Gas - related services


An impeccable design is vital for offshore structures. Ramboll provides cost-effective solutions with constant focus on constructability, installation and structural safety.


We have designed some of the most challenging pipeline systems in the world using state-of-the-art solutions and technical engineering tools, adopted to provide cost-effective and robust solutions for our clients.



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