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Executive Director
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Tine Scharf

Senior Manager
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Strategy is all about making decisions. The right decisions. The tough decisions. We assist organisations and companies in making the correct strategic decisions based on a fact foundation.
Today, all too many strategic decisions are made based on a much too simple foundation. We customise the strategic course based on specific needs, and apply verified methods to develop clear and sustainable recommendations. Our methodical repertoire is broad, and ranges from classic business cases and budget analysis to complex data-founded Activity-Based-Costing analysis and make-or-buy-analysis.

We specialize in giving leaders the best starting point to make qualified decisions and evaluate possibilities within different solutions.

Within Strategy, we specialise in the following:
  • Group- and business strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Market strategy
  • Implementation support

In-depth analysis and deep sector knowledge

Many years of experience has taught us to build strategic work upon dialogue, trust and professional competences. Thus, we have developed a procedure where we firstly set a baseline with an in-depth analysis of an organisation's specific business relations, and secondly combine it with deep sector knowledge. Thirdly, that creates the grounds to test and simulate the effect of certain strategic possibilities.

Strategy as practice

More often than not, strategy implementation entails new ways of working and thinking. With a solid and empirical base as a point of departure, we also offer implementation and process support. Because – at the end of the day – strategy is all about concrete actions. When a new corporate or business unit strategy gets woven into the everyday operations of a company, people need to relate to the strategic intentions to create meaning and hence change. Therefore, with our broad range of competencies we are well equipped to cater to customers in need of e.g. sense-making and involvement processes, kick-off seminars or line manager communication support.

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Ramboll Maritime Outlook 2030

In light of the development of the new Danish Maritime Special Plan and the expected change in the maritime landscape over the next decade, Ramboll has developed an outlook of the current status towards 2030. 
Read more here in the “Ramboll Maritime Outlook 2030"


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Company registration

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