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In times of increasing demands from customers and continuing focus on improved efficiency, it is crucial to use resources in a way that maximises customer value. We help organisations optimise productivity and improve continuously in response to the changing surroundings.

Today’s business landscape is characterised by less resources and greater demands on both private and public organisations. These organisations need to find new and innovative ways to meet the requirements. This makes lean and process optimization as relevant as 20 years ago.

We assist our customers in implementing lean thinking, thereby changing the focus of management from optimising separate organisational units and vertical departments to optimising the flow of products and services through entire value streams.

Within Lean & Process Optimisation, we centre our services around:

  • Identifying customer value and value adding activities
  • Overall process design
  • Identifying KPI’s and quality measurements
  • Lean roll-out and implementation support
  • Creating the foundation for continued improvement
  • Knowledge transfer through workshops and on-the-job training
  • Short- term optimisation through analysis and mapping of potential savings

Maximising production output and quality

The overall aim of lean and process optimisation is enhancing customer value, with minimum resources. This can then be harvested by direct saving or by maximising the production output and quality. For instance, we have helped customers to cut case-handling time in half and reduce time spent on a specific task by 33%. On occasions, we are also asked to map potential savings when time is too short for continuous improvement. E.g. this has led the Municipality of Copenhagen to realise savings of DKK 120 million based on our analysis.

If done right, working lean leads to more satisfied employees who then perform even better since satisfaction drives performance. Clarity in tasks as well as responsibility and the focus on improving and learning is central to most employees. This way, time is spent on value-adding core activities.

A part of a diverse and global team

Our experiences stem from work with highly complex organisations in both the private and public sectors. Being a part of Ramboll, we draw on the technical expertise often needed to oversee the immense projects and deliveries in e.g. the utility sector.

Inspirational projects

Development work within the city of Stockholm

Stockholm is an attractive city that is constantly growing. The influx of residents and the growth of the city presents significant challenges in terms of housing, communication, office space etc. As the city grows, public services are expected to cater for more citizens, as well as raise service  and quality levels within a tight budget framework. This imposes demands on the ability of the City of Stockholm to innovate and develop.

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