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The environment and basis for business competition is changing tremendously. Markets are globalising, the competition intensifying and expectations of the customers increasing. Ramboll Management Consulting assists our customers with establishing and implementing strategic framework both relating to long-term development and short-term action.

Make business strategies concrete and realisable

It is essential that organisational business strategies are designed to be convincing, visionary and guiding to ensure a long-term business development. Moreover, it is necessary to establish supporting structures and processes to ensure that the company has the necessary organisational capacity to implement new developments. Therefore, Ramboll Management Consulting works to strengthen our customer’s capacity to enable them to independently carry out long-term transformations.

Involve the entire organisation in the strategy work

We believe a business strategy must be concrete and realisable. We believe in strategies which can create change at operational level, and it is therefore important that the entire organisation be involved in the process. By use of a wide range of tools and incorporated measurement criteria within the strategy process, we create a basis on which the strategy can be transformed into action and results. We adjust the use of strategy tools to make them usable and understandable for the involved parties.

Transform strategy to behaviour and actions

To be convincing, the strategy must also be transformed into concrete behaviour and clear prioritisations in the daily work - both with regard to management, employees, interested parties and cooperation partners. A good strategy not only specifies what a company wants and must do. It also specifies what the company shall and shall not do. The clarification process helps to sharpen the framework for the company's work and thereby to create the basis for the right behaviour among managers and employees.

Organisation, restructuring and steering models

Changed behaviour can arise through changes in steering models or organisation structure. Our services regarding establishment and implementation of steering models, as well within organisational restructuring, aim to support the realisation of customer strategies and to obtain an optimal use of resources within the company.


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Company registration

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