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To measure service quality in the welfare sector is a delicate job. Ramboll has developed a state-of-the-art IT system to manage, develop and report on quality.

How do you know if initiatives on language stimuli work? How can you support and keep track of conversations between parents and teachers? How can you overview the aggregate service delivery at municipality level? Measuring the softer side of things has now been made easy, thanks to Ramboll Management Consulting’s user friendly software called Brain&Heart, aimed especially at day care institutions. 
Through various inputs such as self-assessments and databases, then dashboards and reports on all possible levels are automatically generated. This is a useful driver for constructive dialogue between parents and nursery teachers or between day care leaders and administrative bodies.
Our Quality Management System supports activities such as:

  • Mapping of children’s competences and well-being
  • Supporting pedagogic supervision
  • Stand-alone quality reports from schools and institutions 
  • Summarising quality reports at municipal level

Vehicle for pedagogic reflections

Brain&Heart collects what is otherwise scattered – handwritten notes, printed templates or one-off IT programmes. From an IT point of view, the real benefit of Brain&Heart is the 100% free flow of information with huge economies of scale at municipality level. In Gentofte, Denmark, all of the 70 relevant institutions use the system, and half of all municipalities in the entire country subscribe to one or more modules in the system.
What at first may seem like extra work turns out to really diminish the administrative burdens at institutional level, since many obligatory tasks are included in the system, thus freeing-up time to spend with the kids. And most importantly, the system acts as a vehicle for reflections on pedagogic quality as well as putting service development at the heart of the everyday practice.

We integrate insights from all levels

With the building blocks from SurveyXact – our leading Nordic questionnaire system – Ramboll Management Consulting provides state-of-the-art IT systems that are not only made from an IT viewpoint: We integrate our insights from working with relevant ministries, from high-level research on how children learn, and from our consultancy to local municipalities as well as day care institutions and schools. This makes Brain&Heart the most holistic system on the market.

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