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Public sector executives still struggle to grasp the dimensions of practice change. Huge investments are made to develop new practices and collect evidence of “what works”. To speed up implementation Ramboll helps governments and agencies apply multidisciplinary approaches to capacity building.

Did you know that new treatments or promising practices sometimes take more than a decade to reach your local community? The phenomenon has been labelled ‘the 17-year journey’ by implementation scientists.
There is no shortage of challenges related to implementation and practice change in the public sector. As an international expert in implementation Ramboll advises and provides implementation services to governments and cities looking to find new ways to secure real learning and sustainable practice change in the public sector. We call it the enabling approach to implementation.

Within our implementation services, we offer:

  • Advise on behaviour change and implementation strategies for reforms, programs, and interventions
  • Full service implementation support through tailored designs (planning, training, leadership development, monitoring, and evaluation)
  • Pre-implementation services including evidence and readiness assessments, pilot tests, and implementation planning
  • Leadership development and change management
  • Training, facilitation of learning collaboratives, and on-site coaching
  • Support to project management
  • Effect monitoring and evaluation to document and identify progress
  • Advice and support to use data actively in the implementation process
  • Developing professional learning environments among practitioners
  • Creating reflection culture among practitioners to reach program fidelity and sustainable outcomes

Advising the front runners on implementation

As an international expert in implementation services we have prepared both national and local authorities for sustainable implementation processes within a range of countries. As a long term consultant for the Danish Ministry of Employment and the National Board of Social Services we have helped the two organisations become front runners in the application of implementation science within labour market policies. We have helped them achieve their positions as front runners through both implementation analysis and training sessions.

In collaboration with The National Board of Social Services Ramboll also is supporting implementation of the Housing First approach to homeless people in 23 Danish municipalities. The Housing First approach focuses on giving homeless people permanent housing combined with individual social support. The approach is supported by the implementation of three different methods (CTI, ICM and ACT). Ramboll is helping the municipalities in collecting data on method fidelity and supporting the practitioners in using the data to reflect on their practice. We are working closely with the clients linking our data and support to their implementation activities.

Become an Implementation Expert

New Approaches to Policy Implementation

Get the knowledge and practical tools to manage the complexity of policy implementation.
This white paper provides you with step-by-step methods that enables you to accomplish efficient implementation.

Download the white paper here


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