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Today, the majority of problems we face cut across borders. For two decades, our collaboration with public institutions and stakeholder groups has given us a solid experience in the field of public policy at European level. We help our clients to address societal and policy challenges in a European context.

Ramboll’s European Policy & Governance department is a center of expertise for European public performance and management. We provide policy research and analysis, evaluations and impact assessments, and stakeholder dialogue and policy implementation services in a wide range of policy areas. We mainly work with the European institutions, agencies, and bodies, but we also work with Member States and stakeholder communities that operate at European level to jointly build sustainable societies in Europe.

We bring solutions to clients across three policy fields:

  1. Work, Welfare & Inclusion
    In the areas of employment, education, migration and inclusion, we have long-standing expertise in working on Europe-wide projects. Cooperation with specialists in Ramboll’s country offices adds local and national perspectives to our work in supporting social cohesion and wellbeing of European citizens.

  2. Growth & Infrastructure
    Through a number of projects in the field of regional development, transport, ICT and digitalisation, enterprise and industry, internal market, we have established a strong partnership with the European institutions that is continuously working towards increased competitiveness of the European economy, regions and industry.

  3. Sustainability & Natural Resources
    As a leading multidisciplinary engineering consultancy, we have access to a diverse pool of in-house experts in sectors such as energy, climate change, environment and resource management. With proficient project and knowledge management, we successfully advise and support the European institutions on a way to sustainable development.

Forming specialist teams

Our long-standing experience with feasibility studies and impact assessments, monitoring and evaluations, and process facilitation and implementation support, have provided our team with the technical expertise necessary to be a competent advisor to the public sector at a European level. 

In addition to our policy-domain and methodological knowledge, we have also become thematic experts in European governance and finance. We work most closely with the European Commission, but we also regularly support the EU Agencies, the European Investment Bank, as well as large networks and initiatives, such as the Interreg programmes and the C40 network.

Our people in Brussels are well-connected and have vast knowledge of the EU institutions. When combined with our expertise in public sector consulting in multiple EU Member States and Associated Countries, we are in a unique position to manage and deliver large, complex, pan-European projects.


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Framework Contracts

Ramboll currently holds a number of Framework Contracts with different Directorate Generals of the European Commission. See a comprehensive list of our Framework Contracts here

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We help our clients to address societal and policy challenges within a European context. See a selection of our projects for clientsProject References

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