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Sometimes an initiative seems expensive on paper, but turns out to be cheapest in the long run. Sometimes it is the other way around. Calculating the societal costs and benefits of a project is a tricky task with an unpredictable outcome. We help you solve it.

More for less. Value for money. Do you recognise the clichés? The popular terms exist for a reason. It is difficult to ignore the fact that our limited resources force us to create more value for less money. Whether you are stretching the public welfare budgets or streamlining business processes, a cost-benefit analysis comes in handy. 
Simply put, we analyse the costs and benefits of public policies and private projects to help decision-makers make better decisions. Our services within Cost-Benefit Analysis include:

  • Estimation of costs and benefits
  • Identification and timing of effects – incl. externalities
  • Distributional effects analysis (budget analysis)

Analytical flair and unique sector insight

Our team of welfare analysts, socio-economists and technical engineers possess the combination of the highest methodological standards and specialised sector knowledge. This means that we can combine our analytical competence and experience from hundreds of welfare analyses with state-of-the-art calculation methods and technical understanding from our engineering practice. 

And how does this approach benefit you? It strengthens the practical applicability of the analysis, as we understand your professional context, e.g. psychiatry, higher education or unemployment benefits, and can transform the numbers into policy-based recommendations.

In this way, we have documented the effects of evidence-based methods to improve life for vulnerable children and youth. Our analyses have also highlighted how society can benefit from investments in exit programmes for gang members, and how language interventions in daycare improve children's learning. Finally, we assess the economic viability of major infrastructure projects and identify benefits from city-wide master planning projects.

Inspirational projects

Nuuk Container Port

Breaking new ground in Greenland

Ramboll is the chosen consultant for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in connection with the expansion of the port of Nuuk. The EIA assessment will be the first of its kind in Greenland not related to natural resources, as the legislation in the area is new. This makes the study unique because it will form a precedent for future assessments.

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