Organisational Change

Final implementation should have a lasting impact on an organisation. This will successfully happen if organisational members from all levels are involved throughout and ‘buy in’ to the change-processes.

Services built on systemic thinking and Appreciative Inquiry

All our services are based on systemic thinking and Appreciative Inquiry (AI). This approach has been used in variety of processes, for instance turn-over processes, strategic development, implementation of a restructured organisation and implementation of new IT work tools.

All processes are tailor made, and we address the specific challenges as well as resources and strengths in the existing culture within the organisation.

We guide and question you safely through your change project resulting in a change process that facilitates the human change parallel to the business change. In this, change becomes an integrated part of the daily work at your office.

A larger business change can be the implementation of new it-systems, re-organization and mergers, rationalizations and streamlining, changing work processes or a new strategy. In the following, please find an extract from the services we provide:

  • Support in decision regarding change – process and knowledge collection
  • Planning change – a script with suggestions and methods
  • Execution of change and business development – process and support
  • Evaluation of change effects
  • Economic effect assessments


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Company registration

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