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Henning Werner

Henning Werner

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More and more work takes place in teams. However, research says there is room for improvement. We assist organisations to create high performance teams.

We all know how it looks in theory. But to harness differences and multiple views in teams can be as straightforward as a roundabout. The road to high performance is too often paved with conflicts and disengagement. E.g. both Harvard and Ramboll research shows that less than half of the surveyed management teams reached their potential.
Within Team Development, our services cover:

  • Employee and team surveys
  • Training in team dynamics and communication
  • Team development process: From average to high performing
  • Courses in hands-on tools for team leaders and coordinators  
  • Development of management groups
  • Advising and sparring of management groups
  • Workshops on e.g. effective team meetings

Positive outcome of team development

When groups of leaders tell us that 40% of their time spent together is unproductive, the effects of a well-functioning team are immense. A sense of direction, a mindset for collaborative practices and a clear vision for individual contributions to the team are all positive outcomes of team development.
In Norway Post for instance, we helped improve the overall job satisfaction for 4 out of 5 employees, and one unit took a 28% satisfaction leap in just a year.

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Lead the Leaders: How to build a dynamic management group

The dynamics of a great management team empower every member to achieve more in the group than what the most talented individual can accomplish alone. An expert highlights the most determining factors for establishing a successful team.

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The secret of high performance teams

Efficiency optimisation, profit maximisation, cost reduction. When managers measure business performance it’s usually all about the numbers. However, studies show that the way employees interact and communicate in teams has great influence on their work satisfaction and productivity.


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