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Henning Werner

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Dynamic organisations are constantly in motion. Once in a while, it takes an intervention to rethink old habits and steer the ship in a new direction. We engage in a broad variety of development processes and help organisations stimulate sustainable change.

Some are about to establish a new organisational structure to meet higher efficiency demands or reduce silo mentality. Others intend to develop a whole new working culture that promotes innovation – or rethinks the public service delivery.

New knowledge through dialogue 

Regardless of your current challenge, our ambition is to set the bar with you. The customer's level of ambition marks our point of departure, because we believe that the best chance of stimulating successful and long-term change emerges in constructive dialogues and by choosing the right interventions through collaborative efforts.
Our services within Organisational Change include:

  • Motivation workshops
  • Change workshops
  • Building social capital with Appreciative Inquiry (AI)
  • Social sustainability in organisational development and change
  • Change communication – information, dialogue, and involvement
  • Leadership pipeline through change
  • Coaching and leadership training in change processes
  • Relational coordination and interdisciplinarity

Holistic interventions

Depending on your unique situation, we can work as the inspirational initiator who braces your HR organisation to run the entire development process through e.g. inspiration seminars, training courses, coaching and workshops. We can also act as the change agent who facilitates the process in close cooperation with our customer. 
Our professional platform and holistic approach constitute the common factors, meaning that we apply a comprehensive view which takes all aspects of Organisational Change into account. In this way, we have helped institutions develop a better understanding of their main deliveries and core competences. We have helped large organisations develop a common leadership culture. And we have helped public administrations establish competence centres that foster interdisciplinary working relations and new practices. 


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Company registration

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