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Henning Werner

Henning Werner

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Have you ever heard the expression that people marry their job, but divorce their boss? Today’s leaders are expected not only to balance the books, but they are more than ever required to set the strategic direction, empower their employees and engage in multiple stakeholder dialogues.

Leaders spend a majority of their time communicating. We help them succeed. Therefore, we put pride in helping leaders build on their dialogic and relational skills, since this is how leadership turns into action.

Our services within Leadership Development include: 

  • Tailor-made training session in e.g. strategic leadership
  • Cultural change through leadership
  • Development and roll-out of leadership foundation and vision
  • Coaching and sparring to management groups
  • Follow-up initiatives upon surveys or benchmarks
  • Workshops and seminars on e.g. Appreciative Inquiry and change management

Reflection and tools go hand-in-hand

The effects of our work come in many forms. From the fussiest to the most hands-on. For instance, if you enroll in a leadership training course, you will improve your capacity to reflect on decision making and to navigate in complex organisations – but you will equally tool up to e.g. handle conflicts or run more effective meetings.

We have over the years helped organisations shift from problem-oriented to a mobilised and strength-based culture. Helped management groups to become high performing. Helped leaders to communicate more clearly. And these things do not go unnoticed: From time to time, even our customer’s customers speak openly about the improved service delivery they have received as a result of our work.

Leadership development is relational

As one of the largest consultancies in the Nordic region, we have gained extensive insight into almost all sectors. Moreover, many of our consultants have themselves been leaders - in retailing, in government or in schools just to name a few. But unlike many others, we do not glorify the leader. Leadership development always takes place in relation to others – be it people or even systems. Also we firmly believe that people have the best of intentions, even if the act goes wrong. Therefore, we are not changing leaders – we merely broaden their horizon, enrich their perspective and add to their mind-set.

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