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Collecting data is rarely the problem. Making it matter, however, is a different story. With an action-oriented approach, our survey setup brings loyalty and satisfaction factors into the light and help you build profitable customer relations.

Many companies keep abundant amounts of data about their customers. But more often than not, they do not transform it into results, because the customer surveys are completed autonomously in different parts of the organisation with no common purpose. To truly make data matter and improve performance, you need clear goals and an action-oriented approach that will turn data into valuable insights and strategic decisions. 
Our services within Customer Surveys include:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer loyalty surveys (Net Promoter Score) 
  • Event-based surveys
  • Customer touch points analyses
  • Business simulations 
  • System support
  • Local and global benchmarking
  • B2B and B2C customer analyses
  • Decision workshops and strategic recommendations

Finding the keys to loyalty

The customer is unquestionably your most important source of income. Lost customers are difficult to reclaim, but with the right setup, a customer survey pinpoints where you need to pay attention to keep them happy and willing to recommend you to others. Developed in cooperation with Copenhagen Business School and Niels Bohr Institute, our analysis system can identify the most determining factors that stimulate exactly your customers' loyalty and satisfaction levels. 
We combine advanced statistics with business simulation to help you prioritise the most ideal customer and sales initiatives. Put differently, we frame and structure the blurry picture of your customers and enhance your understanding of their needs. In this way, we help you determine the concrete actions which can lead to greater loyalty and more profitable, long-term relations.  

1 million participants in 5 years

More than a million people have participated in our hundreds of employee and customer surveys during the past five years. As a natural consequence, we have gained vast experience in handling even the most complex surveys, for both public organisations and private corporations with international presence and volume. Your objective marks our starting point as we take pride in designing each survey, according to your unique situation and strategic ambition. 


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Company registration

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