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Customer focus has become an integral part of business strategies, and the biggest potential for differentiation lies in Customer Experience Management. We guide businesses in creating customer loyalty and financial results.

Getting closer to your customer is far from easy. Our annual CEMindex of Customer Experience Management in 600 Danish companies shows that 68% believe that creating good customer experiences and high customer loyalty is a complicated task. Among the most challenging road blocks are a predominant silo mentality, inside-out thinking and a lack of clear goals.
With our systematic and market-based approach to Customer Experience Management, we can help you turn your costly headache into a profitable customer strategy.
Our services within Customer Experience Management include: 

  • Commercial potential
    - balancing customer-oriented initiatives with estimated commercial potential
  • Customer experience programmes
    - benefit-based validation and monitoring of customer initiatives
  • Customer journey maps
    - organisational overview of customer interaction 
  • Customer-oriented business development
    - optimising processes in all parts of the organisation that influence customer experience

Touching the customer in the right spots

We estimate the potential in improved customer experience and establish the programmes that can realise the benefits. Next, we draw the customer's journey through your business, identifying your strong and weak spots and helping you prioritise the most influential customer touch points. Finally, we develop processes for every touch point, where we address which buttons to push, e.g. KPIs and training of employees, to form the unique customer experience.

Higher loyalty and improved results

In a research partnership with Copenhagen Business School, we have documented that a 10% increase in Customer Experience Management contributes to a 9% increase in differentiation and a 5% increase in financial results. Your increased insight will lead to higher customer loyalty, a larger share of wallet and improved market results. Better processes will convert into increased efficiency and stronger financial results.
Our experienced consultants have carried out demanding projects for customers such as BMW, Carlsberg, Novozymes and ISS World. For instance, we have advised SAS in a strategic planning of its B2B market communication effort with focus on differentiation, and we have developed a customer club to bring Bayer CropScience closer to farmers and reap the benefits of user-driven innovation.

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Business technology as the catalyst for customer intimacy

Growth companies have set their sights on using technology to edge even closer to their customers. Fresh studies reveal that business strategies shift towards customer intimacy as senior executives believe that the biggest potential for differentiation lies in customer-focused IT strategies and the unique customer experience.

Research paper on Customer experience management and business performance

Get our latest research paper that examines dimensions of Customer Experience Management (CEM) drive business performance in Danish companies. The paper was nominated for a ‘Best Paper Award’.

The commercial potential of customer experience

The trend towards strategic customer focus is becoming a megatrend with commercial potential for all industries.

CEMindex 2015

Download CEM index 2015 and read about CEOs on a journey towards customers and innovation


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