Business Cases & Benchmarking

Do you have the case to back it up? In the corporate world, you need to put numbers and solid arguments behind any business decision. We help organisations make the tough calls on the best possible grounds. 

When corporate foresight becomes increasingly foggy, business cases shed light on the desired route forward. We provide business cases in a broad sense to help in the process. A business case holds the economic and quantitative data that are needed to make strategic and operational decisions in all types of organisations and business areas. But a business case also provides a thorough risk analysis related to specific business scenarios. In sum, business cases are tailored data models, developed to simulate scenarios and prognoses that help business leaders do the right thing.
We have a proven 5-step method to develop tailored Business Cases & Benchmarking on all levels: 

  1. Initial dialogue-based scoping of focus for business cases with client and key personnel
  2. Systematic data collection of relevant quantitative and qualitative data
  3. Establishment of a baseline by mapping elements such as cost, value chains, organisation, distribution setup, market factors
  4. Establishment of analysis and simulation tools that might include NPV, IRR, organisational implications and other relevant dimensions
  5. Identification of recommendations and next steps proposals 

Simulation tools and benchmarking

The effect of a business case is clarity. Our clients want more and more facts to back up their thinking and prioritisation. The application of business cases thus ranges from classical data models to forecasts of various investment scenarios, including NPV, IRR and CAPEX, to multidimensional make-or-buy analyses, with many levels of interrelated facts to be assessed and built into a simulation tool. Also this allows for benchmarking against e.g. competitors, peer groups or industry average.

Real professionalism

Our approach can be used in a wide range of situations. We have successfully worked in large public and private organisations and have a long track record of proven experience. And we strongly believe that a data-driven decision-making process is the true secret of real professionalism.


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