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Henrik Stener Pedersen

Henrik Stener Pedersen

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Every day the global urban population increases by 180,000 people. Every day. Cities around the globe now pay the price for poor planning in the past. With global interconnection,  it takes a multidisciplinary approach to handle issues and lay the grounds for a liveable and more sustainable future. 

Did you know that the average traveling speed by car is just 8 km/h in Jakarta? And that the municipal water demand is expected to rise by 40% globally by 2025? There is no shortage of problems related to e.g. transportation and energy supply in urban areas. But for every problem, there is a long-term solution. Around the world, we advise cities looking to strike the right balance between infrastructure issues, economic growth, the environment and society development when planning for the future. Liveable City Development, we call it.
Within Liveable City Development, we offer:

  • Cost/benefit and socio-economic analyses 
  • Workshops on strategic intent for city planners
  • Stakeholder involvement and communication outreach
  • Institutional and legal capacity building
  • Priority catalogue and advice on short/long-term benefits 
  • Action plans and implementation advice

Advising the world’s most liveable city 

Cities have become the engines of economic prosperity and development. Thus, a balanced approach to urban improvement potentially means a remarkable return on investment. 
Our experience is naturally global and we have prepared both countries and cities for a sustainable upturn. From Oslo in the North to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the South. From Chicago in the West to Singapore in the East. As long-term society consultant to Copenhagen, Ramboll has made a major contribution to Copenhagen’s position as the most liveable city in the world (Monocle).

A laboratory of research and collaboration

Urban solutions have been part of our DNA for  many decades. Adding to Ramboll’s substantial city offering, we have developed the Liveable Cities Lab to ensure close collaboration between our experts providing city-related services at both the strategic and implementation levels. 
The Liveable City Lab equally initiates research and innovation as a platform for knowledge- sharing with leading universities, research institutes, cities, and private organisations.

Learn more about Liveable City Development

Creating Liveable Cities Together

We present a major study of seven cities in Denmark that uncovers what makes a city attractive for the people living there.

Read the results of the study here

Sustainable Society e-book: 3 steps for resilient cities

In this e-book we bring you knowledge about stakeholder involvement and socio-economy in particular. Click here to download the e-book: 3 steps for resilient cities


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