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Søren Staugaard Nielsen

Managing Director - Ramboll Foundation
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Limited resources, malpractices in public administration and benefit fraud have all increased the pressure on governments and institutions on a global scale. We guide them on their challenging path to good governance.

Research speaks for itself: An efficient government depends on trust. Citizens must have confidence in each other, and policy-makers must gain the citizens' trust to reduce corruption and strengthen the public service delivery. In modern welfare states and developing countries alike, scarce economic resources challenge governmental bodies and their ability to perform. We enable countries to develop improved governance structures that represent value for money – and value for the citizens.
Our main services within Good Governance include:

  • Legal and institutional capacity assessments
    - e.g. in public procurement systems, anti-corruption measures and environmental management
  • Capacity building programmes
    - e.g. in financial management, project management and business development
  • Master planning and strategy implementation
    - e.g. environmental and social master plans within air quality, urban water, waste management, and institutional reforms

A giant leap towards better practices

Do you ever doubt your organisational ability? We assess the current roles, responsibilities and overall capacity in your administration and help you fill the competence gaps. We identify the jurisdictional limits that act as a straitjacket for legal integrity, accountability and transparency. And we support the implementation of improved practices to ensure efficient processes and a solid basis for your most crucial decision-making.

Building on Nordic legacy and multidisciplinary approach

The Scandinavian welfare model has been a subject of inspiration, because of its high levels of trust and low levels of corruption. Drawing on our Nordic legacy, we have achieved a leading position in helping a long list of governments and national authorities in transition economies, primarily in the Arctic region, the Middle East and Africa, and carried out projects for international donors such as the World Bank, OECD and the European Union.
In the multi-million city of Jeddah, our legal experts and institutional specialists have teamed up with our technical engineers, to provide a decision-makers' manual to prioritise future initiatives within sustainable development. We believe that our multidisciplinary approach assures the quality of a long-term solution.

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Greenland aiming for sustainable upturn

People living in remote regions of the north find themselves far away from commercial markets. And their infrastructure, administration and business sectors often fall short. Nevertheless, Arctic societies attract global attention and possess the potential to flourish in a sustainable manner. Why? They’ve got natural resources.

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