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We help our clients develop business-driven IT strategies and ways to govern successful execution. Successful IT strategies set the business direction, decisions and priorities for  IT, as well as how they are effectively and deliberately organised and managed.

Two-thirds of CEO’s consider IT as a strategic weapon and a differentiator according to “IT in Practice®”. Not having a strategy for utilising the competitive advantage of exploiting IT technology is lost business value. 

Creation of a business-driven IT strategy takes a concerted effort by top management, the IT organisation, key technology people, business unit management, key business people and other high influencers. We help clients orchestrate and establish IT strategies and effective governance that are intimately aligned to the business goals and priorities, and make continuous development and subsequent execution easy.

Our services within IT Strategy and Governance include:

  • Development of a business-driven IT strategy
  • Design of necessary IT governance structure, processes and organisation
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Smart sourcing and use of shared service centres
  • Maturity assessments and qualitative benchmarking of strategy design, strategy execution, capabilities, people & culture, and business value

Proper co-creation of IT strategies

Ramboll is a truly technology-agnostic company and used to developing successful strategies by working in partnerships with influential stakeholders on all levels, to deliver both agile and robust results. Ramboll has a recognised approach for proper co-creation of IT strategies, satisfying all relevant stakeholders based on business rationale, deep involvement, teamwork, coaching and visual scenario-building. 

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IT performance paramount for growth

Global society is on the verge of a new era. With striking resemblance to the industrial age, the digital wave has potential to send another financial tsunami of growth across companies and to transform the business landscape for good. “Companies need to change their view on IT and performance,” claims management expert.

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Company registration

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