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We help our clients implement and harvest the business benefits of changed processes and IT services and products. Through all steps of the entire lifecycle from initial problem or idea to final selection and establishment of solutions, we ensure success.

The market for IT services and products is complex and develops very fast with new technologies, solutions and delivery models. It is a major challenge to identify and select the best solution and partner. 
Sourcing of IT is about efficiency improvements and value creation. Change in sourcing is an important way to refocus the business, reduce costs and transform core operational areas to increase speed, flexibility and revenues. We help our clients to find the optimally balanced strategy for governance, competencies, IT organisation, use of shared service centers – insourced, outsourced or offshored – and select solutions.

Our services within IT Procurement, Sourcing & Contracts include:

  • Strategic IT sourcing – insourcing, outsourcing, offshoring
  • Establishing business cases and requirement specifications
  • Procurement, sourcing and deployment of enterprise systems (e.g. ERP, BI, CRM or DM Systems)
  • Facilitating public procurement and tendering
  • Contracts, contract management and legal consultancy

A proven approach

Ramboll is fully independent vendor with no vested interests and having a proven approach, by combining a comprehensive overview of the IT service markets and possible partners, agile methodologies and a fully integrated extensive legal consultancy and contract management.

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Company registration

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