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We help our clients develop digital business strategies to realise their full potential in a digital world. 

Yesterday, IT was to enable and support business processes. Today, IT is a cross-business value-creator in products and services as well. Many aspects of our professional and private lives become digitalised, mashed up and integrated (e.g. layering houses for sale on Google maps). Staying “analogue” might equally become irrelevant.

Becoming increasingly “digital” requires a further merge of competencies across IT, operational technology, R&D, product design, marketing and sales, and not least customer insight and experience. Getting people with many diverse priorities and cultural backgrounds to converge is a major challenge. We help our clients address those challenges and design successful strategies for digital processes, products and services.

Our services within Digital Business Strategy include:

  • Strategies for digitalisation of processes, products and services
  • Strategies for convergence of information technology and operational technology
  • Coaching the IT organisation as a competent colleague in the full idea-to-market process
  • Co-creation between business and the IT organisation
  • Digitalisation of the rational and emotional customer experience
  • Governance and portfolio management with a 360-degree business and IT technology perspective

Full lifecycle approach

Ramboll is a major consultancy, focusing on many aspects of life, and often working in partnerships with a very broad spectrum of stakeholders. We have a proven approach for the full lifecycle, from idea-to-market process, based on creating meeting spaces, with mutual respect for the involved competencies, which often have different priorities and very different starting points in diverse industries.

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Digitalisation in the private sector

IT in Practice is the most significant report on digitalisation within Danish public and private organisations. Get the report for free here.


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Company registration

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