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In today’s sophisticated global marketplace, companies increasingly recognise the added value that strategic environment, health and safety (EHS) management programmes contribute to their overall business success.

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Programmatic EHS management ensures regulatory compliance, reduces risks and liabilities, creates economic value and provides a competitive advantage. Ramboll’s strong foundation in environmental and public health risk assessment and management, international regulatory frameworks and process safety positions us to provide value-added strategic services to clients grappling with complex EHS issues.

Across the globe, Ramboll helps companies evaluate local, state, national and regional EHS regulatory requirements and implement compliance programmes for both new and operating facilities. Our comprehensive services span the compliance life cycle – from identifying EHS requirements and navigating complex permitting processes to addressing ongoing EHS needs during active operations, including enforcement actions and other issues that may arise.

Permitting and licensing: We provide complete multimedia permitting services to maximise operational flexibility and minimise compliance issues for our clients.

EHS regulatory compliance: We deliver cost-effective and efficient compliance solutions that are protective of the environment, public health, and employee health and safety.

EHS compliance audits: Ramboll conducts comprehensive regulatory compliance audits to evaluate client status with local, national and regional environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

EHS management systems: We help clients evaluate, develop and implement proactive EHS management systems that promote risk reduction and EHS excellence.

EHS information systems: Ramboll has been a leader in developing web-based tools to ease environmental compliance, particularly focused on record- keeping and regulation and corrective action tracking. Of particular note is our proprietary cloud-based platform Lawly, which enables companies to identify and administer their regulatory compliance programs.

Enforcement action support: We represent clients who are subject to administrative or criminal enforcement actions, ensuring that their responses minimise both economic penalties and potential public relations issues.

Ramboll also offers an outstanding combination of technical, regulatory, management and training expertise to help companies successfully implement strategic environmental and business risk management programmes across a broad range of industrial sectors. We provide critical assistance to our clients related to the development and implementation of ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and other management systems; analysis of current and emerging national and international EHS regulations, issues and standards; EHS training; analytical decision making; evaluating environmental reserves; and evaluating EHS investments to ensure cost-effective risk management.


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Company registration

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