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Ramboll's air quality professionals in the UK apply the latest methodologies to the development of tailored solutions to facility, local and regional air quality issues.

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Graham Harker

Director - Air Quality
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Dispersion modelling
Numerical dispersion modelling is used to predict air pollution concentrations and impacts associated with changes in traffic or emissions from industrial or combustion plant. Proposals for new developments often require an air quality impact assessment, and dispersion modelling can be used to predict the future changes in pollution levels. It is a flexible tool that we also use to predict odour nuisance in the design of stack heights and ventilation intake locations, and to determine site suitability by evaluating pollution concentrations at locations close to busy roads.

Monitoring can be a valuable option to establish baseline conditions, collect data to validate modelled predictions and to manage processes such as construction. Our team is experienced in the design and commissioning of air quality monitoring programmes and in the interpretation and application of the data collected. Our surveys are designed to be appropriate for the size and nature of the scheme and to comply with the requirements of the relevant authorities.

Desk-based studies
We use a range of data sources to identify existing monitoring data and sources of emissions to air for permit and license applications, emissions inventories and odour and dust mitigation plans. With high demand for the construction of residential properties, there is an increasing need to build units close to busy roads where air pollution will be elevated. We undertake studies to determine the suitability of a site for residential use, drawing on existing data sources, monitoring and modelling to determine site suitability and input to the development design.

With increased general environmental awareness and high demands for amenity, nuisance resulting from odour or dust is less acceptable. In particular, construction sites are required to implement a high level of management to reduce the likelihood of dust being released and affecting nearby properties. We use a variety of techniques to predict, measure and manage nuisance impacts. We can advise on suitable mitigation measures and produce management plans.


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