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The growth potential of onshore wind continues to be great. An almost 40% increase, from 433 GW in 2016 to 602 GW, is predicted by 2020. Ramboll has more than 30 years of experience with wind energy.

Onshore Wind


Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer

Dr.-Ing. Tim Fischer

Vice Director, Wind Energy
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Joachim Binotsch

Joachim Binotsch

Business Development Manager Onshore Wind
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Gerhard Ernst Binotsch

Gerhard Ernst Binotsch

General Manager
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Since Ramboll developed the first wind turbines in 1986 we have rapidly expanded our involvement in wind power projects all over the world. Today, our services encompass the entire project cycle from concept to commissioning and the subsequent operation & maintenance period, drawing on our international, multidisciplinary and wind power specific competencies. This figure illustrates our main services:

Wind & site

Ramboll delivers state-of-the-art energy yield assessments to our clients. During the last 20 years, we have prepared more than 2,500 projects all around the globe and a data base for more than 25,000 wind turbines in any kind of terrain. Our wind portfolio contains services from wind farm planning to the performance analysis in existing wind farms. We support with desktop studies, wind potential maps, wind measurements, bankable wind energy yield assessments (AEP) on the basis of reference data, mast and remote sensing up to loss and performance analysis of wind farms. On behalf of our clients we design, monitor, execute and analyse measurement campaigns. With more than 100 implemented LiDAR projects and 10 own LiDAR devices, we have deep expertise in the support and analysis of this kind of complex projects. High-quality measurements and energy yield assessments are ensured by our accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the use of the latest validated software applications for WaSP, mesoskaling and CFD-modelling in combination with our local expertise. This leads to low uncertainties, reliable results and attractive p50 - p90 ranges, enhancing the project value.

To prepare our clients’ business case for the increasingly competitive market environment we have developed time series based loss modelling tools, providing a realistic view on the net energy yield.

We support our clients in choosing the ideal WTG for their sites on the basis of sophisticated WTG site compliance assessments.

Once in operation we can support our clients in verifying the compliance with the power curve and other performance parameters in different levels (e.g. yaw alignment and veer) by ground and nacelle based power curve measurements. Therefore, we calculate the long-term adjustment of existing wind farms based on monthly values or 10 minutes of SCADA data analyses.

Due diligence

Due diligence studies performed by Ramboll on wind energy projects provide truly independent expert advice, with a reliable assessment of all technical risks related to a potential acquisition. Our audits cover all documents regarding yields, designs, technology, permits, environment and contracts as well as costs models (OPEX/CAPEX) and concepts for project implementation and operation. Ramboll’s due diligence studies reflect current technical state-of-the-art and a keen awareness of prevailing market conditions, ensuring a sound basis for decision making for our clients. We can provide a unique range of services by involving our environmental team for environmental due diligence and our management consulting team for structural and strategical advice.

Project services

Ramboll manages and implements entire wind energy projects on behalf of our clients and in close co-operation with them. Our scope of services in wind farm planning covers all phases of the development process – from site identification to commissioning of the turbines. Ramboll also offers specific solutions and individual expert services to support our clients’ project developments, like e.g. feasibility studies, infrastructure and technical designs, permit management, stakeholder management, procurement services and construction supervision. Ramboll reliably manages the consenting phase and subsequently the complete procurement process and supports clients in contract negotiations. Acting as the Owner’s Engineer during the construction and the commissioning of the turbines, Ramboll’s experts ensure the implementation of the highest quality and safety standards, guaranteeing the sustainability of our clients’ investment.


Independent and objective advice on environmental matters is essential to the process of onshore wind development.  Ramboll has extensive experience in both identifying environmental constraints and in guiding the design process to avoid or reduce environmental effects from the outset.  Our environmental experts routinely provide advice at different stages of the development cycle including project feasibility, consenting, construction and operation. Ramboll delivers Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) as well as related expert reports, e.g. noise immission and shadow flicker reports, cultural heritage studies, ice fall studies, visualisations and visibility analysis, landscape and impact assessment. Additionally, we advise on environmental and social risks with due diligence for wind farm transactions.

Civil works

Civil works are a main part of constructing a wind farm, and with more than 13,000 experts worldwide Ramboll can provide support in all civil work stages from early planning through detailed design to supervision. Ramboll’s global competence and expertise ensures state-of-the-art knowledge at our local offices, providing our clients with sustainable and cost efficient solutions. The combination of experts in geotechnical, civil and structural engineering as well as project management together with our thorough understanding of the project’s financials is the backbone of our leading position in civil engineering for onshore wind farms.

Electrical design

As one of the largest international consultancies in northern Europe, Ramboll covers all engineering disciplines required for the design of the electrical infrastructure and grid connection of onshore wind farms. Our services encompass electrical system studies (static and dynamic), design of HV and MV grids, substations and grid connection installations, overhead lines (including routing), earthing, relay & control, LV and communication systems.  Our design works are completed by providing our clients with consistent and structured equipment specifications  for all components up to and including buildings,  utilities, foundations, oil sumps and all further related installations. We are experienced in in harsh operation environments from desert to arctic ensuring that the backbone of our clients’ wind projects is operating with maximum reliability, based on smart and cost-optimised designs. 

Management consulting

Driven by an increasing pressure to lower the levelised cost of energy, stakeholders within the wind industry strive to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, increase availability and energy yield, optimise their portfolios and enhance their business models.  Ramboll enables turbine producers and their supply chains to sustainably operate their facilities by achieving lean processes high equipment effectiveness, and safe and compliant production. For wind farm owners and operators we define and validate demand analyses, lifecycle strategies and business cases. Based on PAS 55 and ISO 55000, we develop and implement asset management organisations which clearly define roles, responsibilities and processes, and ensure an effective interaction between all stakeholders involved. We support our clients in making asset performance and costs transparent and continuously improving them over the entire asset lifecycle.

More information

Onshore Wind Energy

Get a quick overview of our onshore wind capabilities (online publication, opens in new windows).

Wind and Site

Success of a wind energy project is directly linked to its energy yield. Assessment of wave and current data is necessary for offshore wind farm foundation design. Read more about Wind and Site here.

Environmental Services

Ramboll provides scientific, technical, and advisory services to developers of onshore and offshore wind energy, the world's fastest growing energy source. Read more about environmental services here.

Power Transmission

Ramboll provides full-range services related to wind farm integration in the power system. Read more about power transmission in our brochure here.

Asset Management

Asset management enables our clients to realise value from their assets while balancing performance, costs and risks. Read more about Ramboll's experience with asset management in our brochure.

TDD - Technical Due Diligence

A comprehensive risk assessment ensuring compliance with technical, permit/regulatory, EHS and CSR requirements provides a solid basis for investment decisions. Read more about technical due diligence here.

Supply Chain Management

Strategic design in supply chains supports growth, internationalisation and consolidation in wind industries. Read more about supply chain management here.

Civil works

Civil works construction forms the basis for reliable, successful and cost effective onshore wind projects. Read more about civil works here.

Project services

Ramboll provides expert planning, engineering and consulting services throughout the project life cycle of wind energy projects. Read more about or project services here.

BBB and CUBE to change names to Ramboll on 1 January 2018

Folder: BBB and CUBE to change names to Ramboll

The two onshore wind consultancy companies that Ramboll acquired in August 2016 will change name to Ramboll at the beginning of 2018. Read a folder on our combined strong offering to clients of wind projects.

Video: BBB and CUBE to change names to Ramboll

Watch a video with interviews with the founders of BBB and CUBE, Ramboll’s onshore wind responsible and a client on our combined strong offering for wind projects.


The Judith Gap wind farm site with some of the installed wind turbines

Judith Gap Wind Farm Development, Montana, USA

Ramboll acted as adviser and technical consultant for one of the world’s largest onshore wind farms in Montana, USA. The Judith Gap wind farm is an 180MW onshore wind farm that supplies approximately 50,000 households with renewable energy. It features 90 GE wind turbines with a total nameplate capacity of 135MW. It was completed in 2005. Ramboll provided designs and expert reports, managed the permitting and procurement process, and supervised implementation.

Wing of wind turbine

Raskiftet Wind Farm: Investor relies on BBB and Ramboll during project acquisition and implementation

On behalf of the public utility of Munich, BBB (which is now part of Ramboll) and Ramboll provided technical due diligence services including yield calculations. After the transaction BBB/Ramboll was commissioned for the supervision of the construction process (Owner’s Engineer).

Wettendorf-Bottendorf Onshore Windfarm

Development of the Wettendorf-Bottendorf I/II Onshore Wind Farm in Germany

The Wettendorf-Bottendorf onshore wind farm covers the energy demand of approximately 8,500 households, and its contribution to climate protection amounts to savings of more than 20,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Onshore wind turbine

North Hesse onshore wind

Examining the potential for wind energy in central Germany.

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