Structural integrity management

With mature fields representing an ever-growing segment of global offshore reserves, there is a keen interest in maximising recovery from existing oil fields to keep up with global energy demand.

South Arne field


Ulf Tyge Tygesen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Ulf Tyge Tygesen

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Valuable knowledge within the field

Throughout more than four decades of experience in engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry, Ramboll has developed innovative, cost-effective approaches to field lifetime extension.

Based on information provided from structural health monitoring systems (SHMS), our engineers use advanced calculations to determine the actual structural integrity of a platform. High-tech measurements can minimise the cost of maximising recovery from existing oil and gas fields.

As a full-service provider we cover the entire SHMS cycle:

  • Non-linear system identification
  • Expansion processes
  • Bayesian FEM Updating
  • Quantification of uncertainties

Ramboll’s innovative SHMS approach

Maintaining ageing offshore structures may end up economically impossible. Ramboll’s innovative SHMS approach bridges knowledge gaps and potential inconsistencies.

Operators are able to prolong field life while keeping track of the undergoing changing conditions of the structure. Quantifying uncertainties improves safety and reduces the frequency of inspection planning which, in turn, will minimise the operational cost of maintaining the platform on stream.

Improving the method through research programs

Ramboll is represented in three Oil & Gas Research Programs:

  • OGP Review (Report 486), Reliability – Current design and potential inconsistencies
  • Danish Hydrocarbon Research Technology Centre, Danish Technical University (DTU), Denmark
  • Joint Industry Project (JIP), DNV-GL, Norway

Our services within structural integrity management cover: 

Watch video (in Danish) or read research papers

Professor Rune Brincker from Aarhus University introduces a new project that revolutionises civil engineering through more accurate predictions of structural age and integrity.

Below, a series of research papers are available to read online, where our representative together with other experts in the industry have dissected, discussed and analysed the principles behind the SHMS.

Technical papers

White paper presented to the Danish Research and Technology Centre

Structural and System Monitoring for Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery in the Danish North Sea

Paper with contributors from Aalborg University and Ramboll

Load identification of offshore platform for fatigue life estimation

Paper with contributors from University of Liverpool, Siemens and Ramboll

Bayesian modelling of offshore platforms

Paper for IOMAC '13 - 5th International Operational Modal Analysis Conference

Continuous stress monitoring of large structures

Paper for 33rd International Conferences on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering

Cost-effective load monitoring methods for fatigue life

Paper with contributors from Aarhus University and Ramboll

Expansion of Mode Shapes and Responses on the Offshore Platform Valdemar

Paper from Engineering Structures, with contributors from Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark and Ramboll

Experimental Study of Strain Prediction on Wave Induced Structures Using Modal Decomposition and Quasi Static Ritz Vectors 


Article on lifetime extension from our Let's Talk Megatrends section

Smart Extension of Platform Lifetime


Structural Health Monitoring

Custom-made structural health monitoring systems (SHMSs) for new and existing complex structures.

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LEGO man on oil rig

Nini and Cecilie - Minimum-facility platforms for a marginal field

Ramboll has assisted DONG Energy with a development project for modification of the Siri field in the North Sea, where we designed two lightweight and robust minimum-facility platforms, Nini and Cecilie.The two unmanned wellhead platforms operate as satellites tied back to the mother platform, Siri, via three inter-field pipelines. The water depth is approximately 60 metres.

South Arne platform

South Arne Phase III - Tie-in of two additional wellhead platforms

In 2010, Hess decided to expand their activities on the South Arne field with two additional wellhead platforms as part of the Phase III Development. Hess, Semco Maritime and Ramboll formed an EPC alliance to carry out brownfield work related to the project.

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