Electrical, instrumentation & telecom

Oil and gas installations are complex, and the value of the asset and personnel safety depend on secure power supply and safe operations. This requires effective Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom (EI&T) solutions with automated instrumentation, control systems and reliable telecommunication.

Electrical instrumentation and telecom


Preben Sørensen

Preben Sørensen

B.Sc., electrical eng., Head of Department, Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom, North Sea
T: +45 5161 7228
Dag A. Nilsen, Ramboll Oil & Gas

Dag A. Nilsen

Business Development Manager, Norway
T: +47 488 93 227
Michael Paul Holloway

Michael Paul Holloway

Project Manager, Quatar
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Balaji Swaminathan

Balaji Swaminathan

Director - Oil & Gas India
T: +91 44 4386 7000

Stable and resilient Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom systems

The oil and gas sector prioritises stable and resilient Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom systems that are available at all times. To meet this demand, Ramboll provides Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom solutions that ensure safe and reliable operations at process and utility facilities.

Ramboll incorporates functional safety in telecom systems to enable communication to remote control rooms, ships and helicopters as well as alarm and phone systems.

Our Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom services cover:

  • Power systems design
  • Transient stability and harmonic analyses
  • Power management systems
  • Relay coordination
  • Area classification and ignition source control
  • Lighting architecture and calculations
  • 3D equipment and racking modeling
  • Power measurements and analysis
  • Public grid connection
  • Green power, solar panels, wind energy
  • Fault tolerant safety system design
  • SCADA/DCS system design
  • Simulation of complex control systems
  • Mapping of F&G detectors
  • Metering and field instrumentation
  • Functional safety and SIL assessment
  • PA/GA systems incl. audio coverage calculations
  • Radio systems and line of sight configuration
  • IP based networks and telemetry

Instrumentation, control and safety systems

Our dedicated Electrical, Instrumentation & Telecom teams provide designs and engineering for all types of control and safety systems, including SCADA/DCS and safeguard/ESD/F&G/HIPPS systems. We also offer expertise in field instrumentation for communication such as metering systems.

We ensure that the client's safety philosophy is fully integrated into the design of elements such as ESD systems, emergency power systems, fire and gas detection, as well as passive and active fire protection.

Power generation and distribution

Ramboll possesses expert knowledge in electrical power calculations as well as designing and specifying power generation and distribution systems.

We design power and control systems in hazardous areas to minimise the risk of ignition. Our main expertise is based on IEC standards and ATEX requirements. Furthermore, we are experienced in F&G mapping to enable proper shutdown.

We apply our electrical, instrumentation and telecom services for Offshore platforms, Floating production, Pipelines & subsea, Onshore production & refining, Terminals, storage and pipelines and Gas & LNG.

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Offshore power system solutions

Study on electrical power system challenges during the expansion of South Arne Field Complex, presented at PCIC.

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Visualisation of Nexus FPSO

Pre-engineering and detailed design on Nexus FPSO topsides

In 2006 Ramboll Oil & Gas commenced our biggest project to date when we initiated the pre-engineering work on the Nexus project for APL NEXUS and Samsung. Nexus is a generic FPSO with a free and fully weather-vaning turret mooring that can accommodate up to 6 risers.

EPCM assistance to Equatorial Guinea Development

The Alba Field is one of the largest producers in the Gulf of Guinea. As engineering consultant, Ramboll paid a significant contribution to the development of the oil and gas field from 1997-2003.

Fire and safety

Fire and gas detection system for the Tyra platform complexes

For all modification projects reducing shutdown time to an absolute minimum without compromising safety is vital.

Tanker ship at sea

Gryphon FPSO - air compression upgrade project on an EPCM contract

The Maersk owned Gryphon Alpha FPSO processes oil and gas for the Gryphon, South Gryphon, Tullich and Maclure fields in the British North Sea. The oil is exported by tanker. Gas is exported via a pipeline to Beryl Alpha, where it is transported to shore via the SAGE system. For this project Ramboll performed detailed design including procurement and fabrication of 3 new air compressor skids.

Cathodic protection of more than 600 wells

In 2010 Qatar Petroleum initiated a major life time extension programme in the Dukhan field 95 km west of the capital Doha in Qatar. Ramboll was awarded the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the cathodic protection and off plot power supply for more than 600 oil, gas, and water wells.

Halul Island, Quatar

Detailed design of crude oil import and export facilities at Halul Island

80 kilometres off the coast of Qatar, Halul Island is the base for 11 large crude oil storage tanks and pumping facilities, as well as power generation and water desalination plants. Ramboll was chosen to be part of plans to expand this complex, by carrying out a detailed design of the crude oil import and export terminal.

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