Offshore decommissioning

Over half of all hydrocarbons are today derived from mature fields with ageing facilities. While the life of many platforms will be extended through modifications, a large number will face decommissioning over the coming years. Salvage operations in the wake of hurricanes will also add to the number of offshore platform removals every year.

Offshore decommissioning


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Covering the entire offshore decommissioning process

Ramboll offers expert offshore decommissioning services covering planning and engineering, risk and safety management and the environment for all offshore facilities. We have been involved in several major offshore decommissioning projects in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Our projects span from minor early phase desktop studies to detailed assessments, including offshore surveys, legal requirements and removal engineering.

Environmental decommissioning expertise and permitting

Our environmental decommissioning team is comprised of highly specialised environmental engineers, chemists, biologists/marine biologists, geophysicists and technicians. The team has exhaustive knowledge of environmental engineering, environmental legislation and HSE management.

By combining our environmental expertise with insights into legislative and environmental requirements, we devise environmental programmes comprising all necessary steps towards obtaining approvals and permits for offshore decommissioning.

Dismantling, lifting and platform removal

Ramboll engineers offers decommissioning solutions based on four decades’ of offshore experience. We handle dismantling, lifting and removal of platforms. Our US based specialists also have considerable experience with post-hurricane salvage operations, involving the safe removal of leaning and damaged platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our offshore decommissioning services cover:

  • Removal, disposal, remediation and environmental studies
  • Modelling and sampling; waste mapping and handling
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance
  • As-left assessment, impact assessment programme and decommissioning plan
  • HAZID and safety screening; removal of equipment with NORM
  • Site inspection and weight estimation
  • Stress analysis, lifting eye check and lifting & rigging procedures
  • Transportation and sea fastening

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Multidisciplinary environmental solutions

Ramboll's environmental services


Environmental challenges associated with decommissioning

Study for Danish competence and innovation center reveals that it is hard to generalise about environmental concerns in relation to the decommissioning of offshore oil- and gas structures.

Remediation studies for Brent gravity based structures (GBS)

Ramboll's Department for Environmental Assessment has conducted a study of remediation options for the two gravity-based structures (GBS) containing oil storage cells in the 30-year-old Brent field 185 kilometres off Shetland.

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