Financial studies

The global energy market is driven by factors such as emerging free markets, supply-security solutions, and fluctuating prices. In the face of such complexity, energy companies and operators rely on qualified market analyses as well as technical and financial feasibility studies in order to make informed investment decisions.

Financial studies


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Solid industry knowledge as basis for financial consultancy

Based on close collaboration between our technical experts and economists, Ramboll offers economic and financial consultancy for energy projects.

We perform financial and feasibility studies on all levels – from the societal macro level dealing with policies and market analyses to the operational micro level dealing with individual investments for oil and gas infrastructure.

Enabling informed decision-making

Our vast experience within oil, gas and renewables, makes us adept at performing policy and sector studies. We conduct a wide variety of different studies ranging from financial and economic analyses to cost-benefit analyses, regulatory analyses and environmental impact assessments. This enables our clients to prioritise alternatives and gain detailed insights into key project challenges.


Feasibility studies

Ramboll's provision of feasibility studies to the oil and gas industry comprises technical and commercial analyses and evaluation of different alternatives to optimise and develop new projects. We use feasibility studies as an analytical tool during the deliberation phase of a project cycle, and offer our clients several scenarios to provide the most informed basis for decision-making.


Technical, financial and economic due diligence

Based on Ramboll's solid understanding of the oil and gas industry, we are able to offer our clients expert assistance in a broad range of transactions. Our approach is hands-on, and we are able to quickly mobilise a team of experts to take on diligence exercises. We look at technical, financial and economic diligence as well as environmental assessments and authority approvals.

Our services within financial studies cover:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Weight and cost estimations
  • Energy & infrastructure consulting
  • Technical, financial and economic due diligence support
  • Project deployment


Ramboll engineers have identified how remaining gas interconnection problems within the EU may be solved

Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan

The East Baltic States of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are, apart from Cyprus and Malta, the only four EU member states which remain isolated from the present integrated EU gas market and transmission system.


Society consultant on energy trade in the Arab region

CESI and Ramboll teamed up to determine the best options for electrical and gas interconnections in connection with the creation of a single energy market for 20 Arab countries by 2030.

Sustainable abstraction of groundwater for drinking purposes

Consultancy on priority corridors for energy transmission for the European Commission

The EU is facing huge challenges in the coming years when it comes to energy supply and transmission. Demand for energy transmission is affected by changes in energy markets such as increased market competition, security of supply and increased demand for renewable energy in line with increasing focus on climate change and the 20/20 in 2020 policy. For this purpose Ramboll's Studies & Planning department prepared a report on the subject of natural gas, legislation and monitoring.

In Yemen Ramboll conducted a study estimating the current and future availability of natural gas until 2025

Gas utilisation study, Yemen

Ramboll Oil & Gas became part of a comprehensive international project to replace oil, the main source of energy in Yemen, with natural gas.

Economic study of commercial gas storage in Lille Torup, Denmark

Since the Danish gas market was fully liberalised in 2004, Danish consumers have been free to choose between suppliers. One of the companies that has stepped up to ensure a fair and flexible market is, which, among other activities, oversees the volume balance in Danish gas storages.

Ship building artificial island off the coast of Abu Dhabi

Feasibility study for artificial islands in Zakum oil field

Ramboll oil and gas experts studied the possible effects on the environment and existing structures as a result of introducing artificial islands to be used as the centre for future drilling and oil production in the Upper Zakum oil field off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

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