Ramboll provides forensic and expert witness services to assist in the long-term management of assets, protecting our clients against risk and advising on value and liability where loss or damage occurs. We bring a depth of experience across disciplines that underpins our comprehensive consultancy – producing thorough, detailed analyses that support our clients to manage their portfolios with confidence.

Our forensics experts provide multidisciplinary engineering advice to protect the value of our clients’ assets, ensuring that stakeholders are equipped with the clear, detailed information they need to safeguard their interests should loss or damage occur.


Pat Ahern. Ramboll

Pat Ahern

Director, Specialist Services, Buildings
T: +44 7501 469 460
Paul Jackson. Ramboll

Paul Jackson

Technical Director
T: +44 7918 690 484
Mohsen Vaziri. Ramboll

Mohsen Vaziri

Head of Ground Engineering, London
T: +44 20 7631 5291
Stephen West. Ramboll

Stephen West

Head of Ground Engineering, South
M: +44 7918 690 883

A trusted consultancy underpinned by industry-leading expertise

Whether it is the analysis of pre-stressed concrete, timber engineering, or the sensitive conservation of historic structures – our specialists are internationally recognised leaders in their respective fields. Our multidisciplinary team operates across the areas of structural, civil, and building services engineering, as well as BIM modelling and environmental science. We offer specialist expertise in seismic engineering, advanced structural analysis, flood and fire.  In areas such as waste to energy and renewable energy production, Ramboll is at the forefront of global best-practice.

Whatever the context, and whatever the engineering capability that is required, our forensics specialists can help.

Property loss consulting

We investigate, document, analyse and determine the extent and severity of property damage occurring from covered loss events. We assess property damage resulting from natural and man-made events ranging from earthquakes to flood, from fire to design faults. In each case we investigate the causes of property damage and provide critical information to help our clients make informed decisions.

We provide, if needed, expert witness testimony and litigation support. Our experience in this field is comprehensive. We have helped resolve issues with major stadia, highways construction, viaducts and bridges, complex geotechnics, environmental pollution and offshore schemes.

Asset protection

Our specialists help property owners to manage their property portfolios by evaluating site, use or construction- related risks. We assess property vulnerability to a range of hazards, evaluating potential damage, designing cost-effective strategies to mitigate risks and reduce life cycle costs often within critical time constraints.

Our asset protection services include:

  • Impact assessments of adjacent infrastructure
  • Design of manual and real time monitoring strategies
  • Obtaining Form A to C and method statement approvals from Network Rail
  • Obtaining approvals from LUL, CTRL, Thames Water and other asset managers/owners
    • Condition surveys and commissioning line and level surveys


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Company registration

Company registration

Ramboll UK Limited. Registered in England & Wales. Company registration no. 03659970. Registered office: 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW

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