Acoustics, noise and vibration affect how people experience the built environment and impacts on communication, safety and wellbeing. Our acoustics team is committed to excellence and innovation in acoustic design and noise control and we provide a global service that is unsurpassed in its field.

Main concert hall © Ingarden & Ewý – Architekci, Kraków in cooperation with Arata Isozaki & Associates, Tokyo


Craig Barson.

Craig Barson

Acoustics UK Team Leader
T: 07773 645 902

Ramboll has a specialist team of acoustics, noise and vibration experts who work on projects of all scales and types, from opera houses to major road projects.

A complete acoustics service covering all sectors

Our main areas of expertise include acoustics in residential buildings, schools, laboratories, auditoria and transport. We undertake outdoor noise and construction assessments and design noise reduction solutions.

Ramboll offers acoustic consultancy services in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Education — all stages from primary to tertiary
  • Culture — concert halls, theatres, opera houses, music schools, museums
  • Health — hospitals, medical schools, community medical facilities
  • Commercial buildings — offices, hotels, residential projects
  • Environment — noise and vibration measurement, mapping, assessments, underwater acoustics
  • Transport — road, rail and air infrastructure, building design
  • Electroacoustics - public address, voice alarm and acoustic enhancement

Leading innovation in acoustics

We are conducting cutting edge research with University College London exploring the interaction between architecture, musical composition and acoustics. In addition, with the University of Sheffield we are researching the acoustics of outdoor urban spaces for ways to enhance acoustic experience and mitigate noise with the help of soundscaping. 

Ramboll is a pioneer in acoustic modelling and is part of the consortium responsible for the development of Odeon, the industry standard software for the computer modelling of internal spaces. 

In our London office, we have an advanced auralisation studio for subjectively demonstrating to clients the acoustic qualities of their project be it a concert hall or a railway noise barrier.


Main concert hall © Ingarden & Ewý – Architekci, Kraków in cooperation with Arata Isozaki & Associates, Tokyo

Kraków Congress and Conference Centre, Poland

The congress and conference centre near Krakow’s historical centre is a major new-build development. It comprises a 1,800-seat concert hall, a 500-seat theatre, a studio theatre and various ancillary break-out spaces.

Musikkens Hus i Aalborg

House of Music: Harmonic interaction in architectural playground

The outer and inner parts of the House of Music in Aalborg play very well together both in terms of architecture and construction. With its raw concrete appearance and high standards in terms of acoustics, the building contributes to the cultural development of the city and creates opportunities for attracting international artists.

Immersive Sound Studio for auralisation at Ramboll, UK

Immersive Sound Studio

The Immersive Sound Studio (ISS) is a purpose built facility for auralisation. It helps designers to model the noise and acoustics in spaces before they are built.

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