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Ramboll produces some of its most memorable designs for this diverse and technically demanding sector. With arts and culture projects having a significant public dimension, often contributing to regeneration strategies, our engineers deliver the buildings, spaces and conditions to satisfy clients and users alike.

Miroslaw Balka installation at Tate Modern


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Martin Burden

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Arts & Culture projects

Ramboll. Mary Rose Museum. Image: Hufton+Crow

Mary Rose Museum

Famously raised from the sea bed before a worldwide television audience of 60 million in 1982, the Tudor warship Mary Rose has been undergoing an heroic conservation process in a temporary museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

The Whitworth

The Whitworth

Through its impressive £15m reinvention, The Whitworth Art Gallery has cemented its place at the centre of the cultural national stage - winning the prestigious 2015 ArtFund Museum of the Year Award and is currently shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize Award 2015.

Ramboll. Tate Modern extension. Image: Daniel Shearing

Tate Modern

Officially opened on the 17th June 2016 the new Tate Modern extension is an iconic world-class addition to London’s skyline. The ground breaking Tate Modern extension pushes the boundaries of modern design and engineering. From its one-of-a-kind geometric structure to its striking brick façade, every facet of this building has been planned and engineered with staggering accuracy.

The Copenhagen Opera House, interior view of lobby with stairs and Olafur Eliasson's chandeliers

The Copenhagen Opera House

Ramboll was engaged as the consulting engineer on the construction of the Opera House and had engaged Buro Happold (UK) as sub consultant to review Ramboll's superstructures and mechanical and electrical services. The roof was projected in cooperation with Henning Larsen Architects.

City Literary Institute

In the heart of London's Covent Garden, we engineered a new building to house the City Literary Institute, which had occupied a nearby site for many years. The seven storey concrete frame structure is clad in biscuit coloured brick and supported by new piled foundations.

The building is distinctive in plan: the end bordering on Keeley Street is piano shaped. Within this, two double height floors house the Institute's teaching rooms and drama studios. Ten metre spans create a generous feeling of open space.

We modelled the design of the studio windows. Full height glass panels are set at the back of a brick inset, 700mm deep, that is angled to permit the maximum amount of light to penetrate.

Exposed concrete walls and ceilings throughout the building are par ...

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery refurbishment

The Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, home to Renaissance masterpieces and Middle-Eastern treasures, opened its doors to the public 120 years ago. We helped produce a 20-year plan to restore and redevelop the Chamberlain Square buildings, maximise gallery space and improve circulation to all areas of the museum.

We also worked on the structural engineering required for modifications to the second floor, part of the first phase of the plan. This area was bombed during the Second World War and extensively rebuilt in the 1950s.

Our engineers worked closely with the architect and English Heritage to convert two of the largest galleries and side offices into a modern orientation space and column-free gallery. This now houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Birmingh ...

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