Supporting the world’s largest telescope. Conceiving the world’s longest road and rail tunnel. Masterplanning cities in developing countries. Pioneering the use of offsite construction and digital design. Driving low carbon heating. Our eclectic portfolio is testament to the diversity and mix of skills and experiences of our people, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to design, creativity and excellence to achieve our clients aims

Soil remediation and community health

For a large oil company, Ramboll has conducted two health studies to assess the effectiveness of a residential lead abatement program in a community around a mining site.

PFAS atmospheric dispersion, transformation and deposition model

Ramboll developed a model to evaluate the impact of the long-range transport of PFAS and PFAS precursors.   

Exposure and risk assessment of PFAS in consumer products

Ramboll assessed potential human health risks associated with exposures to residual PFAS. 

PFAS exposure assessment in class action litigation

Ramboll was retained to evaluate claims of exposure and adverse health effects under a class action settlement agreement in Ohio. 

Equator Principles: supporting responsible financing during COVID-19

Having practical and user-friendly guidance will help lenders and borrowers navigate COVID-19 and the challenges it has presented in considering a projects social and environmental impacts.

Feasibility Study for New Port Terminal at Sitakunda

Ramboll undertookafeasibility study and a master plan for a new multi-purpose portin Bangladesh. TheSitakundaPort Terminalis essential to a specific economic zone being established at Mirasarai,north of Chittagong.


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Company registration

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