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Dan Harvey. Ramboll

Dan Harvey

Executive Director, UK Transport
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Stepan Ruzicka

MSc PhD CEnv MCIWEM, Director, Environment and Health
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Mohsen Vaziri

Head of Ground Engineering, London
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An ambitious mixed use development is planned for 20 hectares of wasteland, formerly a stone quarry, on the outskirts of Leeds. Three densities of housing are involved, the highest density to be combined with retail facilities, and an existing office building on the site may be reused. A new nursing home is also incorporated in the developer’s plans.

The mile-long site slopes by 70m from end to end, necessitating the creation of plateaux at three levels. Our site investigations and ground modelling informed an earth works engineering design that avoids large natural impediments and balances cut and fill to minimize the need for imported material. A new Section 278 road winds from end to end of the site, with spurs accessing the various areas of development.

We led negotiations with all utilities companies involved, agreeing trigger levels and ensuring that both supply and pressure — where relevant — will be sufficient to support current and further development.


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