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Wembley Park is a major residential development adjacent to the iconic stadium. The huge, vibrant new neighbourhood is the UK's largest build-to-rent development comprising over 7,500 residential units. Quintain has led the work across Wembley Park for over a decade, in close collaboration with the London Borough of Brent. Ramboll is making a substantial contribution to this ambitious north London development, designing the highly energy efficient site-wide district energy scheme and providing structural, geotechnical and civil engineering for three different plots which are providing 1,100 of the residential units at the site.

Creating a heating network

As part of the masterplan, a new district heating network serves 20 of the new buildings being constructed. Consisting of a single energy centre, located within building E03, the buildings will be linked to a district heating network of approximately 3.5km in length.

Ramboll’s designs to service the development through an innovative single energy centre, rather than the originally planned two separate systems, saved Quintain considerable capital expenditure, will reduce maintenance costs and reduce CO2 emissions to around 35% below building regulations which is a great outcome. 

A low temperature hot water (LTHW) network

The energy centre essentially links to a modern low temperature hot water network (LTHW) where a two-stage system improves efficiencies by using water returned from the radiator circuit to pre-heat domestic hot water.

The system is thermally led, with combined heat and power (CHP) engines as the lead energy source, thermal stores as primary support and gas boilers as back-up. The CHP plant produces both heat, which is fed into the district heating network, and electricity, which is fed back directly into the electricity grid. The CHP system contributes to 80% of the overall heat network, exceeding the 75% stipulated in the planning applications. The highly efficient system is helping to deliver the desired carbon savings by providing cleaner and greener energy to the significant development. 

Engineering Services

Ramboll provided structural, geotechnical and civil engineering services on behalf of Quintain. We worked with architects PRP, MEP consultants HPF, Foreman Roberts Griffiths Evans, site wide infrastructure consultants Buro Happold and contractors Wates, Sisk and O’Keefe on seven new buildings within plots E01, E02 and E05, delivering 1100 of the new residential units.  

Keith Jones, Ramboll Director, said; “It is always rewarding to do something new and challenging and to see the value our design innovations had on the development and there's been a great collaborative spirit shared across Quintain's project team and contractors which always makes a project more enjoyable.”

Plot E01 and E02

This scheme comprises the construction of four blocks, ranging from 12 to 15 storeys in height, over a basement car park, providing 633 residential units within the private rented, affordable rented and intermediate for sale sectors. Included in the development is private communal residential landscaped gardens and a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). 

To maximise efficiency from the structural engineering design we developed an innovative piled raft solution under each of the towers. The piled raft shares the load between the ground bearing raft slab and the piles, reducing the number of piles needed to safely support the structure by over 30%. The complex and innovative basement and foundation designs also had to be integrated with the ENVAC automated vacuum waste management system, which is the first of its kind in the UK.

Plot E05

Ramboll was appointed by Quintain from RIBA Stage 1 for the re-design of Plot E05. A basement car park, ground floor coach car park and over 458 PRS units in three superstructure towers were included in the approved revised design. Two levels of disabled parking bays connect to the Wembley Stadium concourse by a footbridge.

The basement car park and ground floor coach park required long clear spans of over 16m. Our digital design experts optimised transfer beam usage and identified a shallow post-tensioned beam solution maximised the efficiency of the car park levels. Taking this approach combined with a similar piled raft solution to E01 allowed us to optimise the number of piles for the residential levels.  


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