Warrington Centre Park Link

Part of the BIM model for a 1.2km highway link including a 45m span bridge crossing of the River Mersey. Image Ramboll

Part of the BIM model for a 1.2km highway link including a 45m span bridge crossing of the River Mersey. Image Ramboll


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The Centre Park Link is a highways scheme designed to relieve traffic congestion and increase the attractiveness of Warrington as a place to live. As ECI design consultants, Ramboll undertook detailed design to BIM Level 2 compliance.

One of three schemes for the wider town centre

The Centre Park Link scheme (CPL) is the first of three new major road schemes outlined in Warrington Means Business, Warrington Town Centre Masterplan and Warrington Air Quality Action Plan. All three provide a ‘ladder’ of new roads in an integrated approach. No single scheme provides the full answer to the challenges of the wider town centre – but together they do. The three schemes are Centre Park Link, Waterfront West Link and the Bridgefoot Link.

Scheme Flythrough

Watch this YouTube video for an overview of the major new infrastructure scheme.


A number of partners have provided the funding for this £19.89 million project: Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership Local Growth Fund, Ministry of Housing and Community and Warrington Borough Council.

Scope and benefits of The Centre Park Link scheme

The scheme comprises a 1.2km highway link and signalised junctions including a 45m span bridge crossing of the River Mersey and all associated environmental and civil infrastructure design.

  • Overall predicted impacts and outcomes of the scheme include:
  • Relieve traffic congestion by providing a new river bridge link
  • Make land viable for development of new housing by providing access to brownfield and underused sites in the Town Centre and Warrington Waterfront.
  • Increase resilience and reliability of the highway network
  • Make Warrington a more attractive place to live and for businesses to invest
  • Enhance access to the Town Centre and Centre Park Business Park, leading to economic growth and physical regeneration at Centre Park and in the Town Centre
  • Save journey time for commuters, business users and Transport Providers;
  • Reduce pedestrian and cyclist severance between the Town Centre and Centre Park Business Park
  • Contribute to the achievement of air quality objectives in Warrington Town Centre.

Ramboll’s involvement as design consultants

Ramboll was appointed as ECI design consultants by Balfour Beatty for the Warrington Centre Park Link under the SCAPE framework. This involved working collaboratively with contractor and client to develop the scheme, with the majority of the design team located in one office.

Paul Lawrenson from Warrington Borough Council said:'All of the Ramboll team on this project have embraced being part of the wider project team and this has fostered an excellent working relationship.'

The commission included management of the project under NEC 3, the specification and procurement of Topographical and Underground Services Surveys, Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Investigation and Environmental Surveys. Production of an Environmental Statement and the complete civil and environmental design of the works to achieve planning permission and discharge of planning conditions and subsequently carry out the detailed design of Warrington Centre Park Link to BIM Level 2 compliance.

The scheme involved significant statutory undertakers’ diversions and protection which were designed through the NRSWA C3 and C4 process and coordinated as proposed routes within 3D model.

Services we provided

Project Management, Topographical and Underground Services Surveys, Geotechnical and Contaminated Land Investigation, Environmental Survey, Scheme Design, Planning Submission and Planning Permission, Detailed Design, BIM Level 2, Discharge of Conditions and Construction Issue.

Detailed design to BIM Level 2 compliance

All design submissions were managed through a design certification process involving Balfour Beatty and Warrington Borough Council. The project was designed in accordance with the Highways England DMRB, DfT Guidance and Eurocodes. Ramboll undertook BIM Management for the design.

A detailed topographic survey was completed and existing underground statutory undertakers and structural features were identified using a combination of investigation methods (record drawings, electronic detection techniques and trial pits to PAS 128).

From the survey information a detailed existing services 3D model was developed using AutoCAD Civil 3D, including the production of specific parts libraries to represent existing features.

Design of all proposed above and below ground infrastructure was also designed within the 3D modelling environment and fully coordinated to produce a Navisworks model.

The 3D models were used for 3D coordination workshops with the Client, Contractor and Stakeholders. Ramboll was able to complete detailed clash avoidance and detection for existing and proposed features and propose solutions to achieve a coordinated design.


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