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Connecting the Boiler House to the Switch House is the Turbine Hall link bridge, installed at a high level, 26m above the Turbine Hall floor and amid the existing roof trusses. The 25m long bridge connects the Boiler House galleries of the original Tate Modern building to the new Switch House galleries and forms part of the overall circulation strategy and visitor experience of Tate Modern.

The bridge deck slopes to make up the difference in levels between the two buildings and is designed as an exposed polished concrete slab to complement the surface finish of the bridge and Turbine Hall floor below.

Substantial elements of the bridge were prefabricated off-site. Together with the construction team, Ramboll developed an installation sequence employing a suspended scaffold screen and runway. Utilising the existing Turbine Hall roof trusses, the primary structural elements were winched, via strand jacks anchored in the Switch House, launching the bridge across the Turbine Hall, while supported on bearings at either end. Once in position, the concrete slab was cast, and power-floated to give it a highly polished finish.

This method of construction maximised off-site fabrication and saved on significant temporary works having to be constructed within the Turbine Hall. It allowed the bridge to be constructed and installed in an efficient manner, minimising the programme time.

The completed structure sits almost unnoticed, complementing the existing roof trusses and providing not only a pivotal link between the new and existing gallery spaces, but also a stunning new viewing point for the exhibitions below.


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