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This unique building has one-of-a-kind geometry and a remarkable brick façade. Every facet of the building’s design has had to be planned and coordinated with staggering precision.

Its distinctive and complex geometry impacted many aspects of the building, including the brick arrangement, the windows and precast façade panels, the internal structure and the scaffold.

The truncated twisting pyramid structure with its sloping elevations, applies large horizontal forces that create a twisting corkscrew effect on the structure. To overcome this effect, Ramboll’s structural engineers designed two internal cores and carefully coordinated their location with the architecture and services strategy.

This external arrangement creates an interesting array of internal spaces. The building’s sloping façade means that every floor offers something unique, without a single right angle, while four feature staircases provide vast cathedral-like public spaces.

The lower floors of the new building and the partially rebuilt Switch House floors boast incredibly large rooms with spans of up to 18m.

Achieving these clear spans, whilst being able to accommodate the essential loading conditions for the gallery, was very important for Tate Modern’s displays.


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