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In 2011, Ramboll was commissioned by Landid to undertake an energy review of the office campus known as Sun Park, at Camberley in Surrey. The complex was designed and built in the late 1990s/early 2000s and consists of three linked buildings, a car park area with 1,350 spaces and grounds that include a lake close to the buildings.

The study considered a number of options for both reducing energy consumption and generating renewable energy on site. Thermal modelling was carried out using Dynamic Simulation modelling software and various energy efficiency measures were considered in terms of their technical and economic feasibility, as well as their effect on carbon dioxide emissions. These energy saving options were modelled to ascertain the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of the building.

The strategic issues relating to each technology were considered in the context of current Government incentives, and a feasibility study was undertaken to establish the annual energy consumption, assuming the use of up to 450 cars. As a result, depending on which options are finally adopted, we were able to identify an energy saving of up to 70% of current consumption and the capacity to generate 1080MWh of renewable energy on site.


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