Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant

Sleaford renewable plant

Sleaford renewable plant


Jason Layfield. Ramboll

Jason Layfield

Director, Team Leader
T: +44 23 8081 7500
Ramboll. Paul Stubbs. Image courtesy of Paulina Sobczak Photography

Paul Stubbs

Director, Project Management and Defence lead
T: +44 7940 525 108

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant is the UK's second commercial straw-burning power plant near Sleaford in Lincolnshire. The 38MW commercial straw-burning power facility generates enough electricity to power 65,000 homes using sustainable fuel sources, saving 150,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and helping the UK to achieve its renewable energy targets and support the nation’s energy security.

The Plant uses proven technology designed for the clean and efficient combustion of straw from crop residue (75%), which is sourced mainly from farms within a 50-mile radius of Sleaford and 25% wood chips to generate heat and power. Ash produced by the Plant is recycled as agricultural fertiliser.

In addition to electricity generation, surplus heat produced by the combustion process is harnessed and connected to a district heating network to heat Sleaford’s public swimming pool, bowling centre, town football club, a primary school and the North Kesteven District Council offices. This heat is provided free of charge by the Plant.

Ramboll provided a wide range of engineering services for the construction of the facility including a digital 3D model of the entire complex prior to construction, enabling a fully co-ordinated installation. We also provided geotechnical, structural, building services, fire and infrastructure engineering, carried out a contamination assessment and assisted with the design of process equipment.

The facility was designed in accordance with client directives, stringent planning conditions and changes to legislation, including the Industrial Emissions Directive.


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Company registration

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