Ruth Norman Johnson

Ruth Norman-Johnson

Associate and digital design specialist
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Paul Jeffries. Ramboll

Paul Jeffries

Associate, Computational Design Lead
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Mark Pniewski. Ramboll

Mark Pniewski

Head of UK Building Specialist Division
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Services we provided

Created by Ramboll’s computational design team, SiteSolve is a generative and interactive platform that radically enhances the appraisal of new developments by incorporating engineering and fabrication criteria for buildings into a collaboration platform. The revolutionary technology rapidly generates and evaluates multiple massing options against site specific constraints, client aspirations and costs.

Working with architects, landowners, developers, single building developments or whole city regions, SiteSolve can be used to model, manipulate and explore development sites, live. This real time generation and evaluation allows project teams to collaborate at the heart of the design process, taking projects further faster.

SiteSolve makes it possible to explore and visualise all possible variations, understand the impact of potential decisions and painlessly discover the solutions that best suit the project requirements. By combining algorithmic power and human expertise in this ground breaking tool, we are able to de-risk early stage decision making, saving time and cost.

How SiteSolve works?

Iterate – Ramboll co-create massing in partnership with the architect and client, linking in to either the built-in generative system or the architect’s parametric model.
Site boundary and key inputs, such as target areas, apartment mix, planning limitations, and many others, are input into SiteSolve which then iterates through numerous massing options, live. The ability to generate new building geometries quickly and easily allows you to explore all variations and the impact of all the key parameters, for example an additional floor or change to the target mix. 

Evaluate – Fast integrated analysis gives instant technical feedback based on a range of architectural, engineering and commercial considerations, including commercial rates. Providing an early stage technical risk appraisal allows project teams to understand the viability, through highlighting risks and tracking cost and value of each design.

Solve – Iterate and evaluate as many design options as needed to create a shortlist that maximise the value of the site. For high risk or particularly hard to unlock sites, Ramboll’s experts can explore and solve specific challenges.

Add-ons and bespoke packages

Every development, site and client has different requirements and constraints. Recognising this, a suite of bolt on analysis and evaluation packages are available to provide rapid feedback on key technical criteria. These can easily be added to the SiteSolve software to deliver analysis of the technical criteria that is relevant to the development and client. These can include environmental, or wellbeing criteria, as well as buildability or logistical evaluations.

We also have the ability to consider custom arrangements, such as particularly constrained sites where our specific advise on buildable areas and limits can be built in, allowing the design team to explore options in the knowledge that anything generated is feasible given the technical constraints.

Solving real life engineering and construction challenges

Many central London sites are technically complex to develop, due in a large part to the density and complexity of their existing context and infrastructure. 

Using SiteSolve Ramboll unlocked a valuable development area that contains significant rail infrastructure and assets. The site also includes complex topography and is crossed by active highways and utilities on historic infrastructure. SiteSolve allowed the constraints and engineering principles associated with the scheme to be understood and visualised, facilitating the quick exploration of the potential solution space and unlocking constraints to create opportunities.

We visualised the impact of different oversite development options, allowing the team to investigate the opportunity associated with overcoming each constraint. By doing this, we demonstrated that the relocation of localised rail assets adjacent to the site has the potential to unlock more than four times of the residential space previously considered. In addition, we identified this option would remove the need for a rail closure by avoiding installation of foundations between two operating rail lines, mitigating one of the major safety hazards. 

Through modelling constraints, rather than proposals, we demonstrated that the area of the site, which could viably be built over was much larger than previously anticipated, creating active and enhanced public realm space in the heart of this community. This also supported over 5000m2 of additional viable development area maximising opportunity to provide badly needed housing.   

Rapid advances in computational design and the ability to utilise data is creating opportunities but technological advancement without practical experience can create solutions that don’t deliver or integrate. SiteSolve combines algorithmic power and human expertise to solve real life engineering and construction challenges, revolutionising the process of design, engineering and construction.



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