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Like many industrialised nations, Romania has a legacy of contaminated sites. The Romanian government retained Ramboll to produce best practice methodologies for assessing and remediating contaminated and polluted land. The methodologies were designed to work alongside new environmental laws.

Sharing international expertise

Ramboll was able to draw on its experts in geology, hydrogeology, toxicology and ecological risk assessment in Romania and across Europe. We prepared more than 20 procedures to support the new legislation, including preliminary site investigation, risk assessment for human health and the environment, certification of experts, sampling procedures, a national inventory of potentially contaminated sites and how remediation would be prioritised. 

Science and insight

Ramboll’s science-first approach, coupled with practical experience across Europe, allowed us to create workable methodologies for industry and the regulators. Ramboll’s position as an independent advisor ensured that methodologies were not influenced by a particular industry, technique or shareholding. Ramboll involved senior consultants and scientists throughout the project in order to provide project direction and leadership.  

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable management of land requires healthy soil and water. The methodologies we produced set out how contamination and pollution should be managed in a sustainable way to achieve societal aims of wellbeing, economic growth and environmental protection.

 Romanian law

The methodologies supported a new law on Management of Potentially Contaminated and Contaminated Sites, existing and draft Romanian laws, EU directives and European and international best practice and guidance. A national inventory of contaminated sites will be created along with a remediation priority list.

Benefits for society

In early May 2019 the new law was published that included reference to Ramboll’s newly developed guidance.

“We appreciate the quality of the works performed as being very good. We therefore recommend [Ramboll] to provide similar services.”
Teodoru Cosmin Dorin Director General, General Directorate of Defects, Contaminated Sites and Dangerous Substances


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