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London's Royal Docks area in Docklands is to be redeveloped as a mixed-use complex accommodating new-technology companies, educational facilities and high quality office and residential space, all within close reach of the ExCeL exhibition centre and London City Airport. Ramboll Energy was appointed as a sub-consultant to engineer WSP to deliver the energy masterplanning workstream for the Royal Docks Infrastructure Study commissioned by Newham Council.

The objective was to produce an Energy Masterplan for an area-wide decentralised energy scheme for the Royal Docks and Canning Town areas. It involved identifying the extent of the proposed district heating network at its fully built-out state, identifying the location of existing and potential heat suppliers including waste-to-energy facilities and pinpointing the main heat consumers and areas of heat consumption.

The working timeframe for the masterplan is 40 years, running in parallel with the UK's 2050 carbon reduction targets. This will ensure the timely delivery of a low carbon Royal Docks development and the best value match of supply and demand at any point in time.

The work included determining the dimensions of the main district heating pipework, route identification, developing a phasing plan for the network and identifying how initial clusters will grow and interconnect with the wider scheme as heat demands increase. As part of the study, the potential for extending the heat network and interconnecting with adjacent areas such as the Olympic Park were addressed.

The study quantified the benefits in terms of reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, reductions in electricity and heat energy costs, and the impact on fuel poverty. The information formed the basis of a whole-life costing methodology.


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