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Situated on the south western outskirts of Riyadh, the King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy (KA-CARE) project is designed to be an exemplary eco-city with the capacity to accommodate approximately 80,000 people. As well as residential buildings, the scheme will include retail facilities, and healthcare, leisure, industrial and commercial units, schools and university buildings, community centres and mosques.

Ramboll's sustainability consultants and building services engineering teams worked closely with architects Barton Willmore and Omrania & Associates to develop a stage 1 masterplan for KA-CARE. Solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies will be utilised, producing over 95% of the city's total energy demand.

Advanced computational fluid dynamics modelling has been carried out to predict wind flow and potential locations for wind farms. With wind energy, biogas produced from waste and effective energy storage, the city will be capable of meeting its total energy demand from clean sources, with the potential to export clean energy to neighbouring regions. A small atomic reactor is to be installed for educational and research purposes.

Water consumption will be significantly reduced through the utilisation of captured rain water and grey water. The naturally stored water in the aquifer will be processed for different uses, while the discharged waste water will be treated and used for irrigation, industrial and power generation processes or aquifer recharge.

The scheme's transport strategy will enable effective traffic management, ensuring low noise and minimal impact on air quality, in addition to exploiting the site's clean energy generation.


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